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Beauty: Vida Glow

vida glow
Those who regularly read my blog will know I usually have one main aim when it comes to beauty. Despite all the products on the market, I overly prefer to try and achieve clear skin and strong, healthy hair using the most natural methods possible. Obviously, I cheat a little here and there. But if I can find a natural based product range which delivers promising results, then I’m satisfied all round.

The latest product I’ve been trying out is actually from an Australian brand, called Vida Glow. In a nutshell, it’s a range of natural supplements that nourish hair skin and nails from within, using marine collagen. The marine collagen is a pure hydrolysed collagen peptide, which comes in a powder form.

If you think about how many glasses of water you have a day and how easy it is to add a powder to your drink, you’ll get an idea of how easy this is to consume. I’ve just been keeping the tub at my desk, so I can break off and sprinkle it in my water. It can also be mixed into foods, although I haven’t tried that method myself yet.

vida glow
vida glow
vida glow
Collagen is an important protein in our bodies, which unfortunately slows down producing as we get through our late twenties. This is why it’s important to try and bring it into your body another way. I’ve took collagen drinks before, which have worked but have been really expensive to keep purchasing. The beauty of these tubs is that the powder form lasts a lot longer, meaning I don’t run out of this lovely product super quick!

I have a life of late nights, on-the-go snacking, work stress and general self neglect (sometimes!), therefore it’s important to me I get a good dose of collagen to support a range of functions. As well as helping to provide clearer skin, a purified complexion and stronger hair, it also helps to aid in maintaining healthy muscles and connective tissues, along with preserving joint and bone health.

There is a natural flavour version of Vida Glow, but I’ve been making my way through some yummy fruity flavours, such as Blueberry and Pineapple, which I’ve really been enjoying.

vida glow
vida glow
Another note to end with is that these tubs of Vida Glow look especially cute sat in my office, in their cardboard coloured tubing and bright coloured logos. Take a read over at the website here for more of an in-depth idea of how Vida Glow is a great natural benefit, but if you do wish to take my opinion, I’m rating this very high!

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