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Beauty: Trevor Sorbie, Manchester

I always find when it comes to hair, there are two types of people: one’s like me who stick with the same, trusted hairdresser, or those who experiment not just with various styles and colours, but with different salons and stylists. After a disaster hair situation when I was in Australia, I was more than happy to return to my regular stylist back in my little hometown of Failsworth. However, after leaving my blonde to grow out a little for a few months, and spending all my time in Manchester city center, I decided to do the daring thing – I booked in to a city center salon. A much more luxury, premium state-of-art salon, in the form of Trevor Sorbie. How fancy of me…

trevor sorbie manchester
trevor sorbie manchester
trevor sorbie manchester
My stylist – also called Emma – assessed my hair situation and discussed my options. I was trying to avoid bleach, but it had left me with a rather unplanned balayage, ombre look going on, and it was clear I needed a touch to lighten me up, but blended in with a more honey, caramel shade of blonde, which I always try to go for. We decided on a half head, weaving fine foils throughout the T Section and sides of my hair.

The salon was a lovely experience, from walking in and chatting to the reception staff, to sitting down with Emma, and more importantly, to the final result. It’s a spacious, quality looking salon with a relaxing interior, with minimal ‘fuss’ – just how I like it. The staff were attentive and welcoming, and I felt in real professional hands with Emma. She advised me of the steps to take to get my hair back to a nourished condition, teaching me about a service they provide called Olaplex, which repairs the broken bonds caused from over colouring with bleach. Next time I go, I’ll definitely look into booking in for an Olaplex treatment, to keep my blonde hair in the best condition. Far too many times I’ve got myself too carried away with lightening it, leaving it all dry, frizzy and split.
trevor sorbie manchester
trevor sorbie manchester
trevor sorbie manchester
As you can see from the top two photos, I now have a refreshed, cool blonde mixed with a subtle hint of warm blonde head of hair. The colour was nicely woven in with my natural colour to avoid any harsh ‘stripes’ of block effect colour (like the time I had a hair disaster), and I was treated to an intense moisturising and repairing treatment afterwards too. I didn’t have my hair cut on this occasion, but I guess looking at it, it’s more than due a good two inches off, so I’ll look forward to seeing how the Trevor Sorbie team can neaten up these over-grown locks!

The salon has a higher price point than your local town hairdressers, but you do have to take in the expertise and extensive training the Trevor Sorbie stylists undertake. Emma explained to me about the training and tests she has completed, with no other than Trevor Sorbie himself assessing her skills.

I was overly happy with the result of my colour, and would like to thank Emma and all the team at Trevor Sorbie in Manchester for their politeness and professionalism throughout my visit. A great experience!

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  1. April 19, 2016 / 5:10 pm

    wao0o this place is indeed so perfect, would love to come here. i’m on vacation and my next stop is going to be this salon. soon. just wait for me. XOxo

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