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Beauty: A Touch Of Sol Cosmetics

As you all know by now, one of my main aims with the website is to keep you all up to date with brands and labels that you may not have been aware of before, and to provide with you my reviews and thoughts. I have had a large stint with fashion and e-commerce brands lately, so today we are going to have a look at cosmetics brand Touch in Sol. They have a brand tag line of ‘quick and easy, trendy make-up’, which for busy girls like myself, this sounds positive!

The reason we haven’t been made aware of Touch in Sol yet is because they are a Korean brand, looking to break into the UK beauty market. I don’t know about you, but I find Korean girls always look incredible- they are by far the most trendiest nation in terms of fashion, and always look so flawless with beautifully applied make-up. Touch in Sol is extremely popular in Korea for the female 20-35 age market, with celebrities and bloggers all sporting the brand in pop videos, you tube tutorials, blog posts and magazine features. Here’s a video I found on You Tube which features the quirky brand being advertised by Ailee, a famous Korean K-pop singer in Asia. I might be just me, but I love the sweet and pretty style of Korean advertising!

Touch in Sol kindly gifted me with some beauty products of theirs to try before they hit the UK market, so I was pleased to receive a BB Silky Natural Cream, which is their hero product, a dramatic black glitter eyeliner, an SPF 30 Concealer Moisturiser, and the cutest little tube of ‘Feel Like Honey Moon’ skin base primer which is mixed with honey and gold.

touch in sol
The Silky Natural BB Cream is Touch in Sol’s key product and best seller, and recently I’ve been laying off the heavy duty foundation therefore I was quite happy to see this in my package! It has a really nice light texture and glides on the skin, providing a light/medium coverage. It’s ideal for those days you want to head out shopping or visiting friends, or even work, however due to it’s natural appearance it’s best not to be used for evenings unless you are blessed with perfect skin!

Even though the BB Cream wasn’t the ideal evening make-up product for me, the Dramatic Pencil Eye Liner, called ‘Ailee Twinkle Twinkle Star Make-up’ is most certainly the product you want for nights out! It’s a real soft, inky pencil which glides on effortlessly providing a jet black line with glistening glitters. I love a really easy to apply liner where you don’t have to press hard to see the effect (that can ruin your under eye skin!), so it was thumbs up for the liner, and I have even worn it in the day too for a more dramatic look.

touch in sol
touch in sol
The most surprising product out of my selection was the Advanced Real Moisture Concealer. It comes in the tiniest tube, but the actual product comes out a lot thicker that I expected, meaning that a very little goes a long way! I was sent shade #21 Nude Beige, which is a nice natural shade with no pinky tones (cannot stand cheaper make-up brands that have pink shades in each colour way). A little dab of this product onto your finger and applied under eyes will give a full concealer coverage, meaning this product will last you ages!

Now for my favourite product! I can only really rave about it from words, by describing how it felt and was applied, as I put my usual foundation on over the top therefore it is hard to showcase how you see a difference, But basically it is the ‘Feel Like Honey Moon’ primer base gel, which comes in a smart little tube with gorgeous packaging. The gel is again very light in texture with shimmering tones of honey and gold, which sinks into skin providing a smooth, fresh make-up base. The honey and gold aspects add a subtle glow to the skin, so it’s a great primer to use for make-up free days too. I waited 10 minutes before applying my usual foundation, and I felt it gave my skin a super smooth base for my foundation to sit on. I used this instead of a moisturiser too which worked really well. I also just think that the name of the product and the packaging is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in my cosmetic box!

touch in sol
touch in sol
I would recommend that if you have a friends birthday coming up or want to get a few little stocking fillers when it comes to Christmas (so sorry for mentioning the C word!) then Touch in Sol will be a great online cosmetic retailer to visit. Because they have just launched a UK site, they have offers and promotions on regularly, so you can ensure to get some really good offers. The packaging of each individual product really makes the gift – products have a decent range of prices such as £22 for a foundation, to £6.60 for eyeliners and £9.50 for lip pots (some of these are currently sale prices!) and all products are professional with good reputations.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the brands website if you wish to know a little more. You’ll be known as the friend who purchases quirky, uber-cool presents when you start gifting from Touch in Sol!

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