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Beauty: Three Lipsticks For Spring

As well as being a clothes and shoe hoarder, I have another guilty pleasure. I possibly own around… 150 lipsticks. Plus that maybe. Wow, I really am a lipstick hoarder. Being a beauty blogger has helped me build up my over extensive collection, getting access to new brands and to try out new launches. However, I can’t blame everything on being a beauty blogger, as a large number of my growing collection is just down to me being an addict. Plain and simple!

I can’t explain my deep love for lipsticks, except for that I feel like a pop of colour on my lips just really brightens up my face, and I can adapt the colour to suit my mood/occasion/time of day. Plus, lipsticks can be super affordable. I’ve just purchased three new shades to add to my collection from BeautySpin, where I selected a mix up of brands. Each one was so cheap to buy, making it way too easy for me to keep growining this ridiculous habit.

So what shades have I gone for? I wanted to give my lipstick collection a few Spring updates, so I searched for an orange based red lipstick first. This is my ultimate favourite colour, as I find this shade really suits pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. I used to have one from No.7 at Boots before it became discontinued. Sob sob.

The others included a sheer ducky pink and a soft shimmery peach shade. Take a look at the swatches below…

lipstick swatches
So without further waffle, here is the Rimmel Long Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade Nude Pink. Although I’m sure you will agree it’s much more peachy coloured than pink. It’s so lovely – just look at the subtle gloss and soft colour! For £2.64, it’s a real bargain.

My second lipstick is from Rimmel again (can’t fault the lipsticks from this long running brand!) and it’s in a super girly shade of ‘Candy’. Again, it costs £2.64 from BeautySpin, and has that gleaming gloss, really brightening up my face and adding a cute, pretty look. The best thing about both these Rimmel options is that they can be layered up multiple times to create a more intense colour, but I don’t even need a mirror to apply them as they blend is so naturally, with no lipstick bleeding onto my skin.

And saving the best until last… this Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick costs just £1.34 from BeautySpin, and comes in shade ‘Luscious’, which is the orange based red I mentioned earlier. I love how much this colour is a real good match for my skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. I could wear this without any eye shadow or blush, and still look wide awake and ‘done-up’. A rich, long lasting colour which isn’t easy to smudge either.

So maybe you can all see how easily I get addicted to purchasing lipsticks, when you can find brilliant ones which are way too affordable. Cheaper than my daily Starbucks coffee in fact! Let that be food for thought today…

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