Beauty: Sunescape Instant Wash Off Mousse Tan Review

So it’s all well and good enjoying this UK heatwave we’ve recently had… but what about if you went on holiday, and then realised that it’s actually HOTTER back in the UK?

Yep, that’s exactly what happened to yours truly. I jetted off to Portugal, hoping for a week of blazing hot sunshine, only to find thick cloud and highs of 21 degrees. I wouldn’t usually complain too much with 21 degrees…. if it hadn’t been 27 degrees in Manchester, and absolutely baking!

So, believe it or not, I turned to fake tan over the weekend upon returning. I know it’s cheating a little bit, but its a new one to me – Sunescape Instant Wash Off Mousse – so I was a little keen to try it out anyway. And now I had an excuse…


I’ve been useless at tanning this year, and I think it’s more of a laziness thing for me. I’ve got slack with applying my usual gradual fake tan, and I’ve started wearing less makeup during the day, too. Ever wish you could just have permanent makeup and a natural tan, all day everyday?

I used the Sunescape Exfoliating Body Polish first in the shower, to get my body as smooth and dry-skin free as possible. It’s a nice creamy exfoliator with those polishing gritty bits – but you can’t really feel them too much. No scratching of the skin – just a nice, cleansing body polish which left my skin feeling super soft and ready for an instant tan!

Luckily, I had the mitt to hand too, as it’s always a little messy using instant tan (many a times I’ve been left with overly bronzed palms and it’s a nightmare to get off…)

I used this for the first time yesterday, applying 1-2 pumps onto my Sunescape Application Mitt and massaged it into my arms, legs, chest, a little bit on my belly and neck, shoulders and back.

It’s quite an easy one to apply in order to not let it streak. I just worked on one area at a time, concentrating to make sure no streaks were forming. It glides on really well, and you can clearly see where it’s setting in.

I left it to dry for 5-10 minutes before dressing. Here’s my before and after (I added more powder bronzer to my face on the after photo!)

Overall, I’d say it’s a lightweight, velvety feel 24 hour wash off mousse that is really simple to use, and develops very quickly. I was ready to go within the hour (it developed much quicker than this but I gave myself an hour to match up my makeup etc), and I looked all bronzed up and glowy.

It’s a very professional quality DHA- free fast drying formula, which has no problem with delivering an instant colour. It’s designed to enhance your skin with the tan’s caramel tones, and wash it off when you’re done.

At the end of the night, I stepped in the shower with luke warm water running, and it all just washed away really easily.

I didn’t want to look too dark, so I applied just one layer lightly all over my body, giving me a sunkissed look. If you wanted a deeper look, you could happily just go a little more generous with the application. Simple as that.

It costs £15, and is also a paraben free tanning mousse. Good value for the money, as you only need a few pumps for full body application, so I can see this bottle lasting me a while!

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