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Beauty: Pixi by Petra Review

pixi by petra
OK so as a beauty blogger and a (sometimes) make-up artist, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t ever tried the Pixi by Petra beauty brand. I know right – how embarrassing. It’s not like it’s brand new or anything. I’ve heard so much about the products, I’ve watched many a YouTube video, I’ve read various blog posts using the products… yet just never seemed to manage to get hold of the products myself. Anyway, better late than never, as I have finally been having a little play around with a number of products from this lovely brand.

In case you’re not too familiar with Pixi Beauty, the brand was created by Petra Strand, who has 20+ years experience as a make-up artist & product developer. Pixi launched in it’s flagship boutique in Soho, London, and now has a loyal worldwide following thanks to its pure, awakening & skin-loving products that create a naturally radiant “just had a good night’s sleep” look. In all honesty, just hearing that line was all I needed to hear to have me intrigued.

The aim behind Pixi is about being able to create a flawless look in a few fuss-free minutes, bringing out natural beauty in women. Petra creates innovative formulations to make products, that are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients, making them a pleasure to use.

Two products I’ve been using recently from Pixi are products which are actually quite new to me in general, for example, a lip contour pencil which is colour-less, and a brow brightener. I mean, I’ve used plenty of lip pencils before, but never a clear contour one. And I have of course used lots of brow grooming products too, but never one that aims to brighten my brows. Interesting!

pixi by petra
pixi by petra
pixi by petra
The Lip Contour Liner is a moisturising soft lip liner, with the one I have being the ‘invisable’ shade, so it’s a non-coloured liner which acts as a barrier to prevent lipstick bleeding. I have found so far when using this that it’s a lovely smudgeproof, line-filling treatment lip liner to help enhance the tone of lips, with a super fine precision tip for defining shape, as well as plumping a little too. It has a handy twist up function too, meaning no sharpening needed. Just using this first before applying lipstick makes me much more aware of my lipstick application, and the look I’m trying to achieve. For £12, it’s an ideal product to use with any shade on lipstick, to create the perfect outline shape for lips, filling in the rest of the lips with your favourite lippy shade. I’ve used a peach/soft pink shade below, which is lined with the contour liner to keep the lipstick in place.

The other product I mentioned is the Brow Brightener – which is a brand new launch for Pixi. It a nutshell, it’s a taming brow gel infused with a soft golden sheen for a fresh & illuminated effect. Now I have dark black eyebrows (yes, I know that’s a little odd when I’m naturally fair haired!) therefore I can only use a little bit of this product. But for those of you with naturally light brow or blonder eyebrows, this product is incredible. The brightening gel holds brow hairs in place all day while giving a lifted, awakened look to the eye area once applyed in the similar way you would apply a clear brow gel. You can apply it on it’s own,  or after your usual brow product to set the hairs, and add a bit of lustre and depth to them. It also comes infused with aloe vera and panthenol, so it’s super caring for your brows too. This little beauty costs £14, but you only need a very tiny amount, in which it will last for ages!


pixi by petra
Have you ever used Pixi products? Are you a fellow fan like me?

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