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So today’s blog post is a little more controversial, as I’m discussing a treatment I had done recently which isn’t something I ever thought I’d go for. Everyone who regularly reads my blog knows that I embrace natural beauty, and love nothing more than encouraging girls out there to love themselves for who they are, and to be proud of the way they look.

I for one pick at everything negative about myself, and I’m aware it’s the wrong attitude in every way.

So I guess I’m being a slight hypocrite when I tell everyone else they should try and love themselves, when I’m here picking at all my faults.

I usually blog lots of posts about beauty products and treatments, make-up and clothes – all the standard ways to spruce up your look and feel good about yourself. But one thing I have recently done is something I never thought I would get done. I thought I was brave getting procedures done such as laser hair removal, dermaroller needles and various other painful skin treatments, but that’s a world a way from my latest treatment: I got lip fillers. (photo below is a ‘before’)


I don’t usually give fillers much thought, in all honesty. I knew my lips were hugely out of proportion for my face shape and features, as  literally had no lip shape whatsoever. It bothered me, yes, but I was more bothered about tackling skin breakouts or focusing on getting my hair done or something.

But recently, I realised my lips were more and more bothered me. Peoples comments about how tiny they were, and ‘where is top lip?’ got increasingly annoying.

And then I landed a new job as a beauty writer for a beauty brand, and all of a sudden I thought you know what… I’m going to try lip fillers. They aren’t permanent.  The worst case scenario is that I don’t feel comfortable with the new plumped shape, and I then let the results fade after around 6 months.


Now the next part of this blog post is a huge apology: I don’t look too great in these real-life, no make-up photos. I took these whilst walking through the city to Pall Mall Medical, in which I was heading to for my lip filler treatment. Pall Mall Medical provide private healthcare in Manchester, Liverpool & Newton-le-Willows for self-paying & medical insured patients, with no waiting lists.

They offer an extensive range of private treatments, from cosmetic surgery and breast surgery, to non-surgical treatments. But what I was keen to hear more about when I first inquired with them was their range of cosmetics and aesthetics, and the treatments they offer which fall into this category.

before 1

At first, I was fairly intrigued with offerings of facial treatments, as I am always seeking out professional facials to help improve the texture of my skin after years of suffering from acne. I’ve been left with a few marks and scars, and was interested in some of their rejuvenating treatments, such as their OXYjet Ultimate Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation System, and the Chemical Skin Peels.

Although I was coming to Pall Mall to discuss the lip filler treatment, I do believe both facial treatments mention would improve the look and feel of my skin greatly, brightening it up and refreshing the texture. Definitely something to look into upon my next visit.

before 2

But anyway, back to the basis of my Pall Mall visit. And the Lip Filler experience, of course! As you can see from the photos, my lips are minuscule. They add no value to the look of my face, and I always knew that if they were shaped slightly and filled for that extra ‘plump’ and volumisation, I really would notice a positive difference,

after 3
I guess I usually wear make-up everyday, so looking at these pictures and thinking that I have never seen my lips look so… ‘not there’… is possibly the only way to describe how I feel about these photos!

So… these feelings were soon be put to one side when I booked in with Dr Vikram Swaminatham. He’s the Aesthetic Doctor (non-surgical lead) at Pall Mall Medical, specialising in plastic surgery, fillers and aesthetics. As soon as I met him and we discussed the procedure, I felt in safe, experienced hands.


Because lets face it, if you are going to have this type of procedure done, it’s got to be with a well trained and qualified Doctor who knows the lips like the back of his hand. The fact that Doctor Vikram carried out so many lip filler treatments a day made me feel relaxed, safe and confident, which is what you need when you are about to under-go any treatment that involved needles!

His background experience lies within surgery, and he has subsequently published several papers in this field. Dr Vikram has been practicing aesthetics in the North West for the past 3 years, in which during this time, he’s received advance level training from some of the top manufactures of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.


So I won’t lie – it’s hurts a bit. OK, more than a little bit, but it’s not horrendous. People reading this who have gone through child birth and various other traumatic experiences would think this doesn’t even come close. But for me, where the most scary procedure I’ve had was a micro needling facial (with lots of numbing cream), this was a pretty big deal.

Dr Vikram first of all applied numbing cream to my lips for 10 minutes, before starting his handy work with the needles. The whole procedure takes around 15-20 minutes, but Dr Vikram kept me informed every step of the way, re-assuring me, and even letting me check how it was all going half way.

When the needle went into the centre of the lips, it hurt the most, so I have to admit I made some funny murmuring noises when this was happening.

But after 15 minutes of clenching my teeth and getting through it, I was done, and handed a mirror to check out my newly enhanced lips…

after 5

The lips will always be at their biggest straight after the procedure, but in my case this was a good thing, because seeing these fuller looking lips is strange at first. It’s mainly because for the first 48 hours, you experience swelling, so the lips will decrease slightly and sit a little more natural after around 2 days post procedure.

Luckily, the pain stops the minute the needles stop, although my lips felt numb and a little swollen for the next couple of hours following the treatment.

The next day, I expected to wake up with sore, red looking lips, perhaps with a swollen bridge between my nose and upper lip. Thankfully, this never happened – I just had a slightly swollen upper lip for a day or two, which soon died down. My favourite look was formed around 12 days after the procedure, when I looked in the mirror and thought “hey! – I really really love these lips!”…

after 4
after 2


My experience at Pall Mall Medical was a positive one, although very nerve-wracking, and I’d be lying if I was to say I wasn’t out of my comfort zone. I was completely dragged out of it!

Have you ever thought about procedures and enhancements to boost your self-confidence? Let me know in the comments!

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