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Beauty: Murad Anti Aging Moisturiser and Serum

I’ve know I have talked about the Murad brand numerous times on the blog, and that’s because it’s a brand I discovered in 2015 which I keep on using to this day – basically it’s a brand I’ve fallen in love with. Towards the end of last year I got the opportunity to visit their brand new counter in Manchester Trafford Center’s Debenhams store (take a read here if you like), where I experienced a Murad facial focusing on the Essential C and Blemish Control range. My skin is a mixture of dull, rough textured and blemish prone, so I thoroughly loved the vitamin C packed brightening products that were used to freshen up the look and feel of my complexion, along with the acne fighting products to slow down the amount of breakouts I get.

However, I turn 30 this year (I know I know…totally still look 21 right?) so I was keen to try out the Murad Anti Aging Moisturizer, along with a product which sounded like it did everything I needed in one tube – an Advanced Blemish and Wrinkle Reducer. Fighting early signs of aging, and tackling my acne breakouts? Sounds good to me. Both of the products sounded intriguing, plus seem to have gained positive feedback from beauty experts and bloggers, so lets see what I thought!

murad moisturiser
murad moisturiser
Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30 £42 for 50ml: To say the moisturiser contains active ingredients that sound a little bit of a mouthful, like ‘5.0% Octisalate’ and ‘8.0% Homosalate’, this moisturiser is perfect for my sensitive skin and causes no redness or stinging upon application. It’s smooth to use, fast absorbing, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated immediate after use. I’m loving that it helps keep my skin matte and fresh throughout the day, with no sign of that mid day shine. The moisturiser doesn;t sell itself for any shine-free properties as a key point, but I noticed myself from using it this is actually one of it’s finest points! It is said to contain Kombucha Defense®, derived from a nutrient-rich Black Tea Ferment, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t yet have too many clear wrinkles except for a few round my eyes, but I like to think this moisturiser is working away at slowing down any that may be forming! Wearing this gives me the confidence that I am protecting my skin, due to the SPF 30 it contains, which is always an essential plus factor for me. Can’t really fault this product – lightweight to touch, and does exactly what it says on the label! You can find more information about this here.

Advanced Blemish and Wrinkle Reducer, 30ml £45: Now here is a super powered product if ever I tried one. This serum which aims to tackle both breakouts and wrinkles is a fantastic dual-function treatment without over-drying the skin. It is formulated for adult skin which is prone to blemishes or oiliness, so great for those suffering pesky breakouts in their late twenties and above. At the same time, it contains Retinol and Glycolic Acid – which together accelerates the skins natural cell turnover to improve tone and texture. I noticed since using this that my skin feels like is gets exfoliated much more; super soft and fresher, with red marks and dull skin turning over quicker. My spots have been under control, and overall I feel like my skin is really being looked after when I use this. I’ll continue to use it in hope to see the results continue, as I feel that if this product keeps working hard at fighting those pesky spots, and helping to slow down aging skin, then we could be totally onto a winner…

Excuse the tired face in the shot above, but I’m not really wearing much makeup other than concealer, a dab of foundation, blotted with a pressed powder for a quick ‘touch up’ look. I’ve been prepping my skin with the moisturiser in the day, and the serum at night, and to say I’m not wearing any blusher or eye makeup to help bring my facial features alive, I’m quite impressed at how clear these are keeping my skin.

Another success from Murad!

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