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Beauty: Lord & Berry Make-up Review

lord and berry
I was first introduced to Lord & Berry makeup products after receiving a lovely lipstick pencil inside the Look Fantastic Beauty Box I received, which you can read about here. It came in a deep dusky red/pink shade, which works in the same way a lipstick crayon works, but has the texture of a lip liner. I was so impressed with it, that I wanted to find out more about this make-up brand and try out a few more goodies from the brand.

So in today’s quickie make-up review post, I’m showing you an extra three products I’ve discovered from the Lord & Berry range, but this time in the form of two different eyeliner pencils and a striking lipstick. So lets get down to it…

First up is the two eyeliners. You may be wondering why I need two eyeliners if they both do the same thing, but in this case, they are both fairly different with separate uses (in my personal opinion!).

lord and berry
lord and berry
From the photos above, the pencil on the right hand side – and also the right hand swatch on my hand too – is the smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliner, and let me tell you, boy this stuff doesn’t budge! It goes on quite inky, with a soft jet black texture, but literally has so much staying power. I had to use a few baby wipes to remove this from the back of my hand just for the image above! It’s perfect for popping on in the morning if you want your eye make-up to last all day. Really eye to apply with great precision…

The eyeliner on the left is much more smudgey and shadow like, great to use on upper eyelids for blending into eye shadow. It’s called the Line & Shade Pencil, and I’ve been lining my upper lid with this first, close to the lash line, and then sweeping on my eyeshadow. I’ve then taken a Q tip and blended the two together, to create a smokey, sexy eye. I love applying this for evenings out, or using it as more of a dramatic top up from day to night.

lord and berry
Last but not least, it’s lipstick trying time! This Lord & Berry lipstick is from the ‘VOGUE’ collection, and comes in the shade ‘China Red’. It’s a deep, duskier red colour, which glides on effortlessly in such a rich and intense colour. I just needed one or two applications of this to build up a full colour lip, without topping up to layer on the colour. I can’t stress how much I love this shade – it’s so bold and daring for me with my pale skin, but I think it looks fantastic!

All three of these products are of such a high quality, and really feel like premium products. The great thing is that for such a luxury, high quality brand, I find the prices very reasonable.The Smudgeproof eyeliner is £8.50, with the Liner/Shader costing £9.00. Lipsticks start at £12.00, which again I find a decent price point.

lord and berry

lord and berry
lord and berry
Lord & Berry – you have a new fan!

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