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Beauty: Keratin Collagen Shampoo and Giveaway!

Over the past month, I have been using a new shampoo that I am totally loving. I don’t normally fall in love with a shampoo (usually more of a conditioner worshipper!) but I am putting it down to this product as to why my hair has proved to be a lot more manageable.

For the first time in a long while, my hair has started to feel  stronger, and as I regularly lighten my hair and use heat appliances you can imagine how weak my hair eventually got. So here we go, introducing Dr Schedu Berlin Keratin Collagen Shampoo


Dr. Schedu’s Keratin Collagen Shampoo is enriched with natural minerals and salts that are only found in the Dead Sea. Combined with reconstructive keratin, collagen and amino acids, the shampoo is specifically designed to strengthen and nourish damaged hair and give a beautiful shine.

The products ensure a balanced pH value, and I love using a shampoo which is free from silicone, parabens, paraffin, ammonia and formaldehyde. I always find if you want to care for your hair,  using a product as pure as possible will maintain rather than strip your hair’s volume, shine, smoothness and colour brilliance.

Dr Schedu’s shampoo is also 100% cruelty-free and for every bottle sold, they donate €1 to the orphans in war torn countries.

This shampoo is produced exclusively in Germany by leading dermatologists and scientists, therefore you can view the product and see how to shop here. I massage this in for 3 minutes, which is recommended to let the product really work it’s magic.

I can also be quite guilt for washing my hair daily, but this shampoo is so gentle that it is effective for everyday cleansing. The high keratin ensures smooth, soft, moisturized hair by surrounding each hair shaft like a film, treating fine breaks, increasing volume, smoothing and protecting.

Don’t just take my word for it! You may have noticed two bottles of the shampoo wrapped up all pretty in the photos, and yes- they are to giveaway! I have x2 bottles available to win via instagram, so just make sure you enter below which takes you to my instagram page and you could be one of the lucky winners…


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