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Beauty: Jane Iredale and Alpha H Favourites

alpha h liquid gold
jane iredale
jane iredale glow time
alpha h liquid gold
jane iredale glow time
jane iredale smooth affair
jane iredale
Everyone has their own cult beauty products – so what are currently mine? Well, I often share my beauty product loves on What Emma Did, so today I just wanted to point out two brands in particular which I have been using religiously for a very long time. I guess I kind of ‘forget’ to mention them on the blog with them being long-time favourites of mine, and I usually focus on new discoveries and loves. Some of you beauty addicts may or may not be familiar with these two brands: Alpha H and Jane Iredale. Alpha H is slightly more popular in the UK than Jane Iredale, but I’ll give you a little run-down on why I equally love both of them…

The Alpha H product I absolutely swear by is called Liquid Gold, which has actually been a beauty editors favourite for a long time. This year, the product celebrated it’s 15 year anniversary, in which the bottle had a little gold jazz-up along with the box packaging too. To summarise why this product is so amazing, it basically is a fluid which revitalises and helps to  firm the skin. It’s exfoliating properties of alpha hydroxy acids penetrate deep to reveal healthy ‘new’ skin cells beneath, therefore it also brightens, exfoliates, resurfaces and tones. It faces acne scars, sun damage and brown patches, as well as fighting spot causing bacteria. It’s literally amazing for older skin that needs to fight ageing, and also younger skin which suffers breakouts, oiliness and redness.

It’s an absolute essential of mine, and if you are looking for a product which is a staple investment and skin saving all-rounder, then this is the one. It usually retails around £33.50 and can be purchased from Cult Beauty

what emma did
emma campbell
The other brand is Jane Iredale, a makeup brand specialising in mineral products which care for the skin (which I’m wearing in the above photos). I’ve been using this brand for the past six months, and mainly for those days when I need coverage, yet don’t want to overload my face in ‘cakey’ makeup. When Jane created the brand, her goal was to make products that help women look good, feel good and yet are caring to the skin.  She wanted to create a range that is easy  and effortless to apply, so that woman can look their best in the shortest amount of time.

I’ve been using two hero products: Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream (£39.95) and Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener (£36). I start with applying the primer on top of my moisturiser (or sometimes I skip the moisturiser if I’m having an easy day where I’m not really ‘out in public’), which is lovely to apply due to it’s smooth, blend-able formula and fresh fragrance. I usually let in sink in for around 5 minutes before applying the BB Cream over the top. The primer is an incredible base for making my make-up last pretty much all day and reducing any shine that usually comes through –  I am unfortunately soooo prone to that awful 3pm shine. As well as working as a brilliant base, it adds luminosity and helps hide my pores too.

As for the BB Cream, this is such a great product if you suffer from blemishes and redness like I do. I find some BB creams just don’t offer an acceptable amount of coverage, or seem to fade and wear off very quickly, however this one does the complete opposite. It has a light texture, yet the coverage is more on the fuller size, covering any marks flawlessly like a medium coverage foundation would. It doesn’t clog up pores due to it’s mineral ingredients and protects from UV with it’s SPF 25.

I find that by using Alpha H once of twice a day, followed by the application of Jane Iredale products for coverage, I always look like I have a healthy complexion without trying hard at all. I don’t use these products everyday, but they are there on my beauty shelf, as fail safe favourites I always return to.

Do you have any cult favourite beauty products you know you will always buy?

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