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Beauty: Hero Stick Products

Two handy beauty products I’m loving so far in January both have the same thing in common – they come in a stick format. Not only are they quick and easy to use, but they also make great products to pop in my bag if I’m out for the night or have a long journey somewhere. Spray-free, squeeze-free and fuss-free; stick products need more recognition! Introducing my two new loves – the resurf.a.stic microdermabrasion treatment, and the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Duo Rollerball fragrance.

resurf.a.stic is the world’s first hydration microderm stick which combines hydration and long-lasting, skin-enriching treatment with professional quality microdermabrasion. I love to use a microdermabrasion product at home as I used to regularly book myself for microdermabrasion treatments at salons, but the cost of them just makes it more of a treat these days. I have been using the No.7 Microdermabrasion exfolitaor for the past few years, and in terms of usage it does make my skin feel smooth and clear, but I never really notice any visible results.

Therefore, I have been using the resurf.a.stic for the past two weeks as it has some brilliant reviews and features medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals which exfoliate dead skin cells to promote newly resurface skin.


Using the stick is really simple, you just activate by splashing water and apply to a slightly wet face and move over the skin to clean. The more pressure you apply, the more intense the treatment will be. I don’t expect to see results instantly, but I do have slightly congested skin that needs regular exfoliation, and after just two uses my skin feels really soft afterwards and smooth to touch, and I feel like it helps my skincare products I use afterwards work better as my skin is being renewed quicker.

The next morning after using this product in the evening, my skin has a really clear glow and looks healthier. If this is how it can look and feel after just two weeks, then I’m looking forward to continuing using this! After 2 months of usage, I’ll update you about my final thoughts, as I always feel a good 8 weeks gives me a really good feel about the effectiveness of a product. resurf.a.stic is available for £44

My other handy little stick is in the form of fragrance – and that is the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture rollerball from The Perfume Shop, £9.99. I love the fragrances from Juicy Couture, and this one is fantastic to pop in my handbag so I always have it on me for work and for nights out. The scent combines a mix of luscious wild berries, honeysuckle and a luxurious elixir of golden amber, melted caramel, and vanilla. I got this as a Christmas present a it’s the lovliest gift! If you have any girl friends to buy for as a birthday present or just want to treat yourself to a mini fragrance, I recommend this one a lot.

So there we go, two of my latest beauty favourites perfect for busy girls on the go like me!

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