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Beauty: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation + More

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There’s one main beauty product I’m *slightly* faithful too – foundation. I used to be in a long-term relationship with Estee Lauder Double Wear, and honestly, I would never look elsewhere. Me and the old cult stay-put favourite were in it for life. Until I met Vichy Dermablend.

Sadly, I decided to go on a break from Double Wear, but that break soon turned into one whole year apart. I actually still rave about Estee Lauder’s Double Wear today, and have recommended it to so many people recently. But at present, nothing is beating Vichy Dermablend (you can read about my thoughts here)

However… I’ve just tried a new one. One which so many of my beauty blogger friends love and adore. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, from House of Fraser, step forward…

giorgio armani foundation
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

So I have to say that in terms of full coverage and longevity, Vichy Dermablend is still going to be my cult. However, this lovely, glow enhancing, silky finish foundation is my new favourite for the daytime. It’s made me realise that I don’t need to mask my skin during work hours with a heavier finish, and that this medium coverage liquid provides enough concealing to hide flaws, yet captures that radiant glow of perfect looking skin.

Plus, it’s silky texture glides onto my skin effortlessly, but what I love the most about it is that it’s oil-free hydrating fluid actually keeps my skin nourished throughout the day too, something my Dermablend doesn’t do.

For £37 a bottle, it’s definitely a more premium, luxury foundation. But when it comes to my face make-up, I rarely scrimp as I really like to see results. And this one for sure is good quality.

A few more new beauty finds I’ve been discovering throughout November are listed below, in case you’re more than happy with your foundation, and want a bit of new products inspiration elsewhere…

System Professional Repair Range:

So the brownish-goldish colour scheme of this System Professional Cleansing Repair Shampoo and Conditioner look a little dull at first glance, but this professional range of products are just marvelous. I have extremely dry, damaged hair from years of using bleach for highlights, so I always need hair care products which really tackle the frizz and breakage.

The textures of each one – the shampoo and the conditioner – are rich and creamy, packed with essential nutrients to smooth and repair. Just one pump goes a long way, gently cleansing and conditioning. I actually leave the conditioner on for just 2 minutes before rinsing off, and my hair feels so much more silkier and stronger, with that touch of gloss too.

I haven’t yet used the Volumize AeroLifter you can also spy in the photo, mainly because I’m not a regular mousse user. But this one is meant to help lift the roots and improve thickness and fullness, whilst caring and protecting for your hair too. I’ll give this a go and let you know what I think!

I know what you are thinking: these salon worthy products are extremely high priced. And yes, they do hit the upper end. But again, like my skin, I like using quality ingredients that don’t coat my hair with silicone’s, oils and false smoothing agents. So for me, it makes me feel so much better


Vita Liberata Tanning

Some other lovely items I’m trying out this month include this set of bronzing items from tanning heroes Vita Liberata. I’m currently trying out the Phenomenal 2-3 week Tanning Mousse, which builds up a rich, gradual tan in a mousse texture, the Self Tan Anti-Age Serum which is designed for the face, and the Body Blur.

I’m usually a body lotion/ body cream type of girl when it comes to gradual tan, and you’ll find me shying away from tanning mousse. However, I used this Phenomenal mousse for the first time the other day and I absolutely love it! I didn’t prepare it for a blog review so unfortunately I didn’t get a before and after, but I’ll make sure I get one for another post.

It’s basically one of the fastest drying tans which delivers results after 24 hours, so not ideal if you want a deep colour just before you go out. But the results are just lovely – I was greeted with a deep, glowing bronze look which was smooth and streak-free. They say that if you apply a few more ‘layers’ on the first application, you’ll get an even darker look which lasts for days longer.

This mousse was pretty much scent-less, which was a pleasant surprise. It costs £37.50 for a large bottle, and a small amount of products spreads evenly across your entire body, so I’d rate this great value for money.

I’ll be back with more Vita Liberata updates!

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