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Beauty: ghd Platinum Styler

ghd platinum styler
emma campbell whatemmadid
Luckily, I’m one of those girls who is blessed with naturally straight hair. I know, I know… don’t shout at the screen. However, not all is shiny and glossy in my straight hair world. I am a regular hair highlighter, which involves sometimes using a little bit of bleach to lift the hair to reach a nice clean and bright blonde for Summer. And as the Spring/Summer season is arriving, I have been guilty again of attacking my hair with the highlights again.

For me, it’s important to use a good quality straightener not only to achieve a super straight look. but more so to give the illusion of smooth and shiny hair. We all know that regularly coloured hair is prone to frizz, brittle ends, and a dull/lacklustre appearance, therefore I have always turned to hero hair brand ghd to transform my locks.

You would probably never tell me hair was in such bad condition, and I do put that down to using quality products. The latest quality hair styler I’ve been trying out lately is the ghd Platinum Styler, and I have to say that as a bit of a ghd queen who has used a fair few stylers from the brand, this one tops the lot…

ghd platinum
ghd platinum
ghd styler
ghd platinum
ghd platinum styler
ghd platinum

First impressions from the photographs – how incredibly slimline is this styler? It has a stunning sleek look, and is also very lightweight to hold. One of the best things about this styler though is that it aims to take the guilt out of using heat. That is the one  thing that does play on my mind when using hair stylers most days. I’m fully aware that too much heat usage on the hair can cause breakage, which does worry me from time to time…

So how does this ghd platinum work to help with heat damage? Basically, the innovative styler uses safer-for-hair heat that aims to deliver ultimate styling results for healthier, stronger and shinier hair. It contains tri-zone® technology to quickly and effectively straighten, curl and style, without compromising the health of your hair. The intelligent tri-zone® technology uses three sensors in each plate, ensuring the optimum temperature for styling hair is consistently maintained across the entire plate from root to tip. By working this way, hair breakage is said to be reduced by over 50% and shine increased shine by 20%.

This particular style has a number of other little extras that helped make me love this so much: a heat-resistant plate guard to protect surfaces after styling, sleep mode for complete piece of mind (I’m terrible for this!), universal voltage and a two year warranty.

The following photos below show my hair after blow-drying with my head tipped upside down, desperately trying to grasp at any possibly volume. I then ran the ghd platinum styler over the hair just once (once all over), and this is the nice silky smooth mane I’m currently sporting…

emma campbell

The styler retails at around £165, and in my opinion is the best launch yet from this hero hair brand. If you need help making a hair investment purchase, this is the kind of styler you need in your life. I also attempted to add curls to my hair using these the other week, in which I am absolutely shocking at (literally don’t have the knack!). However, I did managed to make some beautiful waves to the ends of my hair, creating a more voluminous look. Maybe I’ll practice a little more before showing you on here!

And FYI before I sign off, the dress I’m wearing in these photos above are from my new collection over at my What Emma Did Boutique, currently live on ASOS Marketplace too…

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