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Beauty: Favourite Spring Fragrances From Aramis

dkny citrus
Ah… a new Spring season. As well as updating a few make-up essentials, it’s the perfect time for me to introduce some new fragrances to my collection. So here we have it, the all new, shiny bright collection from my all-time favourite fragrance brand, DKNY.

The classic ‘apple’ type ‘Be Delicious’ range from DKNY have been popular fragrance choices for a long while, mainly due to their classic and timeless scents, plus the lovable design bottles. I’ve used them for a long while now, and recently blogged about them over here if you wish to read a little more about them. So back to the point – I mentioned new launches, which means these bright and bold colourful boxes of joy contain three fab new scents I’m recommending. These are the Limited Edition Bright Crush, Limited Edition Citrus Pulse, and the Limited Edition Loving Glow. Aside from these, I’ve also explored two other brightly coloured Spring packaged fragrances to my collection, which I’d say are absolutely essential for the Summer. They are both from Michael Kors, entitled Sexy Sunset and Coral, and are super sexy, fresh and classy.

michael kors sexy sunset
dkny citrus
Here’s a little synopsis for each retro inspired Limited Edition DKNY scent, in case you too need a Spring recommendation for a new perfume this season…

DKNY Limited Edition Bright Crush: This electric yellow/lime coloured boxed scent is one for expressing a bold and free-spirited personality. It has top notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrant buds (Cassis) and Dewfruit and heart notes of Frangipani, Peony and Plum. Super fresh but with a sweet kick to it.

DKNY Limited Edition Citrus Pulse: The orange coloured option is the most fruitiest scent to me, with top notes of with nectarine, tangerine, passion fruit and jasmine, and heartier notes of frangipani, magnolia, musk, woods and benzoin, adding a blend of sweet/musky tones.

DKNY Limited Edition Loving Glow: My favourite of the three; this Loving Glow pink bottle has a wild concoction of purple grape, currants, pineapple, violet and apricot fused together with feminine notes of jasmine, vanilla, amber and musk. This one sends me on a visual trip to a Spring evening, with a fruity vibe yet a little more deeper, daring attitudes.

These can be purchased for around £37 at present, which is reasonable for a world favourite designer fragrance brand.

michael kors coral
michael kors coral
michael kors sexy sunset
Now onto Michael Kors – one of my favourite luxury designers – and his lovely new launches.

Sexy Sunset: This is a new, Limited Edition fragrance by Michael Kors, packaged in a bold pink ombre box with sassy gold lettering. The bottle itself looks exclusive, with it’s tall shape and shiny gold cube lid. This scent is designed to capture the captivating and seductive glow of the Summer sunset, no matter where you are in the world. A brilliant shimmer of seduction. It features Nashi pear, blackcurrant, freesia and  lotus flowertop notes, with heart notes of Peony, gardenia, rose bouton, magnolia and jasmine sambac. Base notes include the more raw scents of Sandalwood, helvetolide, Cedarwood and vanilla.

Coral: Another modern packaged bright coral box, with bold gold lettering. Coral is a fresh, bold and fabulous perfume, which is a limited edition version on the theme of the original Michael Kors from back in 2000. The composition is bright, summery and floral, with key hints of fruits, perfect for the warmer months. Think pink grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, pink pepper and blackcurrant which give a fresh and fruity opening. For the sweeter and warmer notes, jasmine tea, orange blossom and sweet raspberries are blended with base ends of sandalwood, cedar, musk and ambrox.

Sexy Sunset and Coral both retail at around £60 for 100ml, and make impressive fragrance gifts this Spring/Summer for the designer lovers out there…

LAB series
dkny citrus parfum
dkny citrus parfum
LAB series
Last but not least, I wanted to touch on a men’s skincare range I have recently discovered whilst on my usual beauty and skincare hunts! I know I specialise in ladies products (well, that would make perfect sense to do that!) but it doesn’t mean I don’t get introduced to some key men’s beauty products along the way. The LAB series brand features a range of specialised skincare products for men’s skin, as lets face it- men of today are starting to really care about their appearance and how to treat their own beauty concerns. Firstly, the mirrored silver box is a fantastic touch, making these look super premium and expensive (great gift tip here girls!). Secondly, the Power Lifting Lotion and Power Lifting Serum support the skin in the best way to prevent aging. Because men do care about this too!

These products – which are part of the TREAT range to treat the skin – contain 5 key actions for younger-looking male skin. Wit regular use, they boost moisture, minimise the look of wrinkles, improve skin firmness and elastcity, tighten the look of contours, and ‘lift’ the skin’s appearance. A 30ml bottle will cost you around £50, but your guy only needs to add a small amount, morning and evening, and these should help to combat those signs of fatigue, tiredness and early aging forming in the skin.

OK, so I think I’ve shared a good handful of beauty favourites today. Hopefully these have gave you some new Spring inspiration for when you are ready to do some ‘updating’!

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