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vichy dermblend
So I’ve finally found them. I have found my perfect pair. After years of being a complete and utter self confessed beauty and cosmetic junkie, discovering new products and sharing my loves, I have finally found two new favourites which completely beat anything I have used before. With thanks to the incredible Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation and Clinique Contour Chubby Stick, my make-up suddenly looks a million times nicer and much more improved. And the best part of this discovery was that I wasn’t even looking for a new foundation or contour product – I was getting along with MAC Studio Fix, Arbonne CC Cream and Maybelline Sculpt Powder just fine.

These products are still pretty damn good, I have honestly reviewed these countless times on the blog and raved about my love for them, which is all true. It’s just that now I have started using Vichy Dermablend, I can’t see myself ever going back.

vichy dermablend
How did I discover it? Not that I have any free time at all, but when I do, I may dabble in a little bit of beauty tutorial videos on YouTube. Watching them that is – I wish I had the time to create my own (I’m onto it… but this might be a 2016 project!). So a few weeks ago I watched a beauty vlogger apply Vichy Dermablend and I was ridiculously impressed by the coverage. She outlined it was great for full coverage yet was still non-pore clogging, unlike some full coverage, heavier foundations out there.

I need my foundation to last me from applying it at 6.45am, to getting home at around 10pm, as I usually have some sort of blogger event or freelance thingy going on in my evenings, and if not that, its dinner and drinks somewhere. So I need full coverage, long wearing, and a flawless finish. Even though I love applying make-up and ‘dressing up’ my face, I have to admit that building up all the concealer, foundation, powder, highlighter, bronzer, contour…etc etc… can be tiring and time consuming.

vichy dermablend

This is where Vichy Dermablend is a huge help. I pop a little bit of liquid onto my hand and use either my fingers or a brush to blend into my skin, and literally one application gives me full coverage. It is the easier foundation I have used, covering all my imperfections without building up and layering up. I’ve found since using this, I use my Benefit Fake-up Concealer much less.

I dab a little around my eyes, but I don’t need it over spots anymore as the Dermablend just conceals it all in one go. I’ve been using the shade Nude which is great for my pale skin (which isn’t exactly white white, but is very fair with a slight touch of warmth).

The photos below show my skin with no makeup on – oh the joys of posting these – leading on to the photos below which show my face after just one application of Dermablend.

no make up
no make up

The next thing to touch on is contouring. I am very much a powder contour girl, usually anyway. I tend to bronze up the cheekbones, temples, jawline and hairline with bronzer, followed by a highlighting routine on my forehead, nose, under eyes and cupids bow. Again, I came across a beauty vlogger raving about the Clinique Contour and Highlight Chubby sticks, and decided to give this a go as a little bit of a shake up to my usual make-up routine.

I rarely use cream blushers or anything I have to ‘rub in’ to my face to create colour, but these looked really interesting to use and seem to work well from the reviews, so I gave the Contour product a go. I actually have some lovely highlighter crayons and sticks from Billion Dollar Brows (which is meant for under the brows as I previously reviewed here but I also noticed you can use it for face highlighting too!) and of course the legendary Hi Beam¬†therefore I didn’t buy the Highlighter option from Clinique.

So take a look at my little ‘face’ journey… contouring, highlighting, blending them both in with a Real Techniques Blending Brush, setting with MAC Mineralize Powder, and tidying up my brows and eyes…

highlight and contour
contour stick
highlight and contour

Ta da! What I love about this process is that from being bare faced to full faced, it literally takes me no longer than 10 minutes, which to my standards is very quick.

Vichy Dermablend is also SPF 35, which is quite important to me as my daily moisturiser doesn’t contain and SPF, so it’s good to know my foundation provides it. If you want a quick application which covers, corrects and conceals in one go, then I strongly recommend it. It would also be handy for covering up small tattoos or scarring.

what emma did
As for the Clinique Contour Chubby Stick, I have to conclude with the fact that I really love this product, but you do have to be fairly confident with your application. Make sure you apply it to the right amount in the right places, and blend blend blend! If you get this right, you can sculpt your face effectively without scary streaking or powder build up. I tend to go over the contour with my Maybelline Sculpting Powder or MAC Gingerly Blusher, especially for a more dramatic evening look. The best thing about it is you can build up the intensity depending how deep you want your contour to look. For £19, I would say it is an investment product yet an essential, as a little goes a long way so you will definitely get a lot of use out of it.

As usual I like to share my latest beauty product loves with you all, so I hope you found this post interesting…

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