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Beauty: Bronzing with Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

As a beauty blogger, I’m really lucky to be introduced to new beauty brands and make-up lines on a weekly basis. I can easily get swept away discussing all the new, exciting products and could possibly dedicate a blog to just that topic alone! So today’s post is going back to basics, and sharing with you the fantastic hero product which has made a name for being a cult, staple favourite – the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.

I first learnt about the hype around this bronzing product 7 years ago when I met a girl who swore by it. In a nutshell, it’s a bronzing compact with layers of shimmery shades which fuse together to give a combination of warm hues, rosy colourings and illuminating particles. The one I have (and love) in particular is in the shade ‘Bronze’, but it also comes in Pink Quartz, Nectar and Beige.

bobbi brown shimmer brick
bobbi brown shimmer brick
bobbi brown shimmer brick
It depends what look you are going for when it comes to choosing your shade. I love to create a sculpted look on my cheeks, sweeping a deep bronze to create a more hollow look, and also to shape my face with basic contouring techniques. I brush this on my cheeks by mixing the shades together then focusing on the illuminating creamy glow shade and focus that to highlight the tops of my cheeks, down my nose, above my cupids bow and a little in the center of my forehead and chin.

But listen up – this isn’t just a bronzing powder, blusher, all over glow powder and contouring palette – it is so much more. It actually doubles up as 5 single eyeshadows too! Not officially, but take a look at the above photo again and you’ll see that the Shimmer Brick actually provides 5 individual luminous colours that can also be applied to eyes. I find I use a Q Tip (cotton bud) and sweep the colour onto the tip and go over my eyeshadow to create extra colour, shimmer and shadowing. So technically, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is a multi taking palette of brilliance.

bobbi brown cheeks
bobbi brown cheeks
bobbi brown cheeks
bobbi brown cheeks
The nice thing about the bronze shade is that is really light to apply and very easy to build up. The above photos are of myself before going to work at 7.30am, therefore a full face of shimmer and sculpting isn’t needed. So i have swept the Shimmer Brick on with two layers, and used the lightest creamy colour lightly brushed onto the tops of my cheeks to give me more of a glow.

It retails at £32.50 and let me tell you that it will honestly last you forever. It will come with you everywhere and it will soon me your cult favourite too. The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is available at so many retailers, including John Lewis, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols Nichols, but the one I have is purchased from House of Fraser.

Any other Shimmer Brick lovers out there?

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