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Beauty: Brazilian Waxing Company

I know it’s now February, but I figured it’s still OK to talk about new years resolutions. One of mine was to start allowing myself to have more ‘me time’, dedicating certain days and evenings to relaxing more or spending time doing something worthwhile for myself. I juggle a busy career with starting a new business and also running this blog, as well as having close family and friends to try and see, therefore I often end up busy 7 days a week and running off 4 hours sleep a night…

The result? A tired, stressed out and narky Emma. One of the ways in which I am trying to overcome this and indulge in some serious me time is by getting myself booked in for more regular beauty treatments. If your the type of girl who loves getting your nails done, eyebrows threaded, waxing and general ‘looking-after-yourself’ treatments, then you’ll know there is nothing nicer than letting a therapist work on making you feel that extra bit more special. So that’s what I intend to do! And it’s all starting off with my now regular visits to the Brazilian Waxing Company.

Last week, I took my un-polished, un-filed nails along to the Manchester Oxford Road branch, where I was booked in after work to have some lovely gel nails applied. Brazilian Waxing Company specialise in gel nails and removal, where they have an extensive range of colours to suit whatever look you are going for. I was off to London for the weekend and wanted a dark nail colour to match my lacy black dress, so I opted for a shiny deep grey shade. My therapist was fantastic- really skilled and talked me through every step of the process. I naturally have really healthy, strong nails so don’t usually get them done, so it was a lovely treat to have new gel painted talons!

It costs just £15 for gel nails, and overall the appointment time lasts around 40 minutes, therefore I’ll be giving myself that extra hour after work to pop along and have the gel nail treatment done more often, especially when I have a big occasion coming up at the weekend. I got so many compliments from people about the colour and the finish. It’s also worth adding that I booked in over a week and a half ago and they are still beautifully going strong and looking ‘good as new’!

Brazilian Waxing Company may be made famous for it’s expertise in body and facial waxing, but what I love about them is that they offer so many more services too. I have always thought that along with waxing, laser hair removal is also becoming really popular, therefore it is definitely a treatment I would consider this year. They now specialise in a full laser hair removal service, with everything from facial, leg, bikini, back…. you name it… and it’s also great for men too! Not just for the ladies, so if you have a fella who has a serious hair problem… (just kidding, it’s actually really popular for male maintenance)

With Valentines Day coming up, Brazilian Waxing Company is going to be getting really busy as everyone rushes in to groom themselves for the most romantic weekend of the year. I’m going to be popping in for eyelash extensions, which I’m really excited about as I have actually never had them professionally done before. I’m also really looking forward to booking in for a series of waxing sessions when the weather starts to get warmer, so I can start treating myself to a summer-ready body. I’ve also never had my eyebrows waxed before, and that’s something that would save me so much time as I am constantly plucking, so another treatment I can’t wait to try out…

The Oxford Road salon is a lovely little place, with amazingly friendly staff and a great ambiance, therefore if you are ever around the city and looking to book in for a beauty treatment, I would recommend calling by. I’ll be updating you really soon about my next ‘me time’ treatment, but for now, I’m going to continue showing off my nails!

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