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Beauty: A Fresh Cut For Christmas

It finally happened. After eight months of avoiding the scissors, I treated myself to a fresh new haircut in time for the festive season and the Christmas break. Don’t ask me why I waited so long – I know it is totally the wrong thing to do, but I guess I just wanted to grow my hair this year after getting a shoulder length cut back in March. So after realising that my scraggly ends were looking rather unhealthy, I headed down to Brandon May Hair Salon in Didsbury to get the problem sorted out!

With living in North Manchester, I don’t usually travel anywhere further to get my hair cut or coloured. But I’m always up for trying out somewhere new! The reviews I read online about Brandon May sounded fantastic, and just from speaking to Sonya, the owner, I could really tell she has a strong passion and enthusiasm for hair, making it a real professional salon with dedicated staff. Once you find a team of skilled and passionate stylists, that’s half the work done for hunting down a good salon in my opinion!

I was booked in with Sonya, who advised me of the best cut technique to carry out in order to help my ends look a little thicker and flatter my face shape. I am still wanting to keep a long length, so we opted for a good inch off, with a slight blunt finish…

brandon may
brandon may
brandon may hair
It didn’t take Sonya long to realise my hair had also become overly dry and damaged this year, due to over bleaching and ruining my hair with going lighter and lighter. To attempt to solve the problem, I was treated to a nourishing and repairing hair mask, which was left to soak into my hair for a good fifteen minutes to put some well needed moisture and strength back in.

Once my conditioning treatment was over, Sonya carried out the cut whilst I enjoyed a green tea and a mince pie (hey, it is Christmas after all), before blow drying my hair into a bouncy and smooth finish. My hair looked completely refreshed and healthy – I guess I made a huge error not getting those ends chopped off a while ago!

brandon may hair
brandon may hair
The salon was warm and friendly, with a team of female staff all working away on their clients. It certainly looks like a busy salon from my experience on a week day, which is always a positive sign for a hair salon.

The creative team at Brandon May use an impressive product range during all hair treatments and styling, including label.m (which I have reviewed many times on the blog, such as here) Tigi and Moroccanoil.To say this salon is based in the heart of Didsbury – which for those of you not familiar with Manchester, it’s quite a wealthy area- and you get excellent service and skilled staff, the prices are rather affordable, with a cut and blow starting at £31.

A huge thank you to Sonya and the team at Brandon May. I’m now sporting a lovely fresh cut in time for Christmas!

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