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What Emma Did Blog and Boutique Makeover

For all those who regularly visit WhatEmmaDid.com, you might notice a slight update with the appearance of the site. Yes that’s correct – the blog and the dress boutique have both had a lovely new fresh makeover, just before launching into the Spring! ~

The blog has now taken on a more premium looking theme, which incorporates snippets of each post on the homepage, along with a sliding homepage banner. You’ll also notice that when you click on the ‘The Boutique’ tab at the top, you now get taken to a shiny new boutique shopfront, rather than the woocommerce version I had hosted on this actual blog.

In a nutshell, the Woocommerce version was slowing down my site and wasn’t showcasing my dress boutique as well as it could. I feel like now, each reader gets taken to a separate site, dedicated to shopping my range of dresses, and it looks so much more stylish and user friendly.

For those of me who have followed me on social media for a while or regularly read my blog/shop at my store, you may be wondering when my new Spring lines are going to launch. I currently have 4 new styles which arrived at my studio last month, and I’m awaiting another 10 key styles which all need to get shot professionally before I go with the new season arrivals. So hold tight! Newness will be coming your way before you know it…


Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that along with this shiny new look, I’ll actually be focusing a lot more this year on my online shop for clothes. By using sites like Shopify, it makes creating an online hub for selling clothes super easy and achievable, so I only desire to set up more of these lovely stores and sell sell sell.

After conducting a lot of research, there’s a firm market out there for girls aged between 17-37 who want to be able to own the clothes seen on the likes of fashion influencers and bloggers for affordable prices. They want to find them easily, see them styled on real people, and be able to see what they look like on their favourite influencers. With this in mind, I’ll be working harder this year to create this format of a boutique with my online shop.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the lovely new look of the blog and boutique. Any feedback welcome!

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What Emma Did

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