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Lifestyle: A Day in Saranda, Albania

During a recent cruise around Greece and Albania, the final stop was to spend a day at Saranda, Albania. I wasn’t too clued up on the place beforehand, although a little bit of research told me that Saranda is the Riviera of Albania, and it’s where the people of Albania go when they take a few days holiday.

Our P & O cruise couldn’t pull into a port, as there actually wasn’t one at this place, in which we clambered onto tender boats to take us to shore. After touring around Athens, Mykonos and Katakolon, Albania was much more run down and not as pretty visually than the other places we’d visitied. It was, however, busy and built up, with a sea front filled with restaurants, bars, hotels and shops, with that touristy vibe and a little harbour for small boat trips.

It was fairly cheap when we looked at the currency and converted it. Much cheaper than the other places we had visited, such as Mykonos, which was pretty expensive (although breath-takingly beautiful). And I will add, lots of beggars walking up to you in the street and sat in doorways.

It was an interesting place to see, as it wouldn’t usually be a location I would ever have thought to visit. We even managed to spend an hour sitting by the sea – which was amazingly clear and blue.

I’m wearing a little floral playsuit from an independent boutique in Bondi, Sydney, but the sandals are from a more accessible store – I got them from super affordable e-tailer Everything5Pounds.com!

More travel and fashion posts coming up soon from my little cruise adventure…

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