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This Year’s Biggest Menswear Trends for the Holiday Season

As you may know, I don’t cover menswear too much on this blog. But, this year, some of the clothes I have seen men wearing on the fashion runways have really caught my eye. Now, is a particularly interesting time for men’s fashion. So, today’s article is all about menswear trends for the holiday season.

2019 men’s short trends

No hot weather menswear collection would be complete without shorts. For most men, when the sun comes out, they are a go-to item. If you click here you will notice that short, relatively narrow cuts are the most prevalent styles, for 2019.

The chino and cargo short trends of 2018, seems to have been replaced by far more casual looking denim shorts. For men who like longer shorts, some retailers are continuing to stock the just above the knee type.

2019 men’s smart and casual suit trends

For men, looking smart and elegant is back in vogue, this year. During the work week that means a tailored suit in a luxury fabric like mohair.

Alexander McQueen’s tailored pinstripe suit which featured a long jacket with a subtly nipped in waist caught everyone’s eye. So, you can expect to see something similar appearing in the shops soon.

Quite a few men will be wearing their suit jacket or blazer with jeans. That 90s fashion trend seems to be hot at the moment.

But, it is the casual suit trend that is going to make all the difference to what your boyfriend or husband packs for the holidays. The shirtless suit trend that has been bubbling away in the background for a couple of years has definitely gone mainstream.

Soft cut, casual suits made from materials like linen are perfect for warm evenings or for the trip to and from the resort.

Hiking sandals

When on holiday, most people spend more time than normal on their feet. With this in mind, most footwear designers include sandals in their collections.

This year is no different. It is the turn of the hiking sandal. They may not look that pretty, but the fact that all of the straps can be adjusted means that they are at least comfortable. But, you have to buy the right type. This article explains how to choose a pair that is suitable for your foot.

Big shirts

This year, a lot of men will be wearing more shirts than normal. For the holiday season (abroad or UK holiday trips in particular) a long shirt that can be worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt during the day and buttoned in the evening with trousers is a must.

Polo shirts and longer t-shirts

Longer t-shirts is another strong trend. The longest cuts finish just below the crutch line. For men who prefer something shorter, the trusty polo shirt is an alternative trend.

A few packing tips for your holidays

If you are planning a holiday, or city break, I suggest that you click here, to read one of my packing articles. Doing so will help you and your partner to come up with outfit combinations that will ensure you both look your best while on holiday.

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