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The Most Fashionable Footwear For Men: Waterproof Suede Boots

Suede boots, there’s nothing like them. Songs have been written about them, they appear in movies, and are the often seen in recent TV shows draped casually over a couch or firmly placed in the stirrups of a gun touting horse riding cowboy.

Suede footwear is definitely back in fashion and has been featured on couture runways since 2017. Topping the list of desirable fashion items for men is the boot, we’re seeing our celebrity men keeping their ankles well covered.

The re-emergence in popularity of cowboy boots may not have happened as suddenly as it seems. Back in 2014, Kayne West was starting trends again in his suede Chelsea’s (if you thought that craze was over, nope, he’s brought out his own line and is bringing them back to the forefront of men’s footwear fashion).

Then between the popularity of HBO’s western TV series “Westworld”, and the almost surreal double-faced Western boots that Shayne Oliver presented at the spring 2017 Hood By Air’s runway show ( https://footwearnews.com/2016/runway/designers/hood-by-air-double-western-boots-spring-2017-runway-show-new-york-fashion-week-nyfw-photos-255696/) men’s boots were cemented in the minds of the fashionistas.

In 2018 men’s fashion is all about the cowboy boot. GQ Magazine has written about it, and they’re loving the trend of men’s cowboy boots. While Harper’s bazaar and Vogue are advocates of these boots for both men and women.

There are two main styles of cowboy boots: “Roper” and “Western”. The classic western style of cowboy boot is tall, at least mid-calf, with a high heel. The toe has tended to be more pointed as of the 1940s. Now, the roper has a more modern design with a lower heal and either rounded toe or a squared toe, they also tend to be shorter, often not going much higher than the ankle.

Although there are many options for material, style, heel, and even color – yes, even in men’s fashion – one of the popular options is suede in a traditional neutral color. Yes, women may be wearing white cowboy boots with rhinestones and pink embroidery, but men stick with the more muted tones and a more interesting material.

Suede is a fantastic material, it’s leather but rather than being the stiff smooth version often seen in traditional shoe making, suede is when the leather is used inside out and rubbed to create a velvety like texture that is the most desirable effect for celebrity feet. You can go here to know more about suede.

One downside to Suede is if it gets wet is loses its snap, goes hard, stains and just starts to look tatty. If you get your gorgeous suede boots wet, you need to make sure you blot them try as soon as you can.

Stuff the shoe with tissue or newspaper so that they stay in the shape of your foot, then let them air dry (out of direct sunlight) – don’t overstuff, just enough so that they won’t shrink too much as they dry out slowly. You can very gently brush with a soft bristle brush (like a toothbrush) to remove the worst of any mud or dirt, but make sure that you do not rub too hard or briskly as this could permanently destroy the suede.

An easier option is, of course, to purchase a waterproof suede boot and save yourself the excitement of having to avoid walking in the rain. Yes, you can get the timeless suede cowboy boot in a waterproof version that won’t stain if you accidentally step on a puddle or get caught in a spring shower.

There is nothing worse than a pair of boots that just don’t fit properly, so when you’re ordering boots online, make sure to check the websites’ fitting guide. If you have particularly narrow, or overly wide, feet you’ll need to make sure that the boots you’re ordering are able to be cut to fit you – if the website doesn’t give instructions on how to order the size to fit you pick up the phone or send an email.

As a general rule men’s boots are easier to fit than women’s, as there is usually less of a difference in size between ankle and calf. Handmade cowboy boots with a stacked leather heal is the perfect accessory to finish of your casual outfit.

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