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Fashion: Under £50 Outfit at ThatSaleSite.com

One Summer season, and four weddings to attend. The first thing a typical fashion blogger and clothes obsessive thinks in this sort of situation is…

Lifestyle: Stoptober Motivation

I am guessing that many of you have already seen my previous post on ‘Stoptober’ and all the encouragement about quitting smoking throughout the month…

Fashion: Faux Leathers and Stilettos

Just as I was thinking that I desperatley need another pair of shoes in my life, a package from ShoeDazzle came along to answer my…

Cow Girl Makes A Comeback

As sad as it sounds, I’m a sucker for a namesake. Naomi Campbell will always be my favorite supermodel and as far as I’m concerned,…

TOMS – Style Your Sole

Funky footwear brand TOMS are holding a Style Your Own Sole tour kicking off tomorrow in London’s Carnaby Street. With four other London dates to…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did