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Fashion: A Capsule Work Wardrobe

I recently took part in a blogger challenge to put together a suitable outfit for a one night business stay in a hotel, centered around…

Fashion: How To Layer Up Playsuits

I wanted to pop a quick little outfit post up today to uncover a solution to many girls problems- how to wear playsuits when it’s…

Fashion: Ruby and Daisy Playsuit and Accessories

So as you all know- I love fashion. Not a new statement there. However, what I do love more, is being involved with fashion from…

Fashion: House of Fraser Affordable Fashion

One of the worst- but also best- things about the location of my work in Manchester City Center is that I’m based right next to…

Fashion: Field Day Fashion For Ladies Day

And we’re off! Ladies Day season is officially beginning, which means it’s a time to celebrate glamorous hats, hair and heels. But the most important…

Fashion: A SheLikes.com Winter

So Christmas is over. The Christmas Day and Boxing Day celebrations are done with, and I’m left eating the remains of the Christmas Cake and…

Fashion: Monochrome and Flicks

Three things – Monochrome clothes at Missguided, felt-tip pen inspired eyeliner from Essence, and my new Can SX700 HS camera. I am not too sure…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did