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Super Fast Fashion For Aurora Group

Aurora Fashions, the group behind womenswear chains Karen Millen, Warehouse, Oasis and Coast, is to launch a record breaking 90-minute delivery slot, which claims to be a fashion first.

The delivery option will come at a premium price, therefore any orders placed at either of the retailers will cost more money, but will have a 90 minute garanteed delivery. How good is this? How many times have you been set on an outfit, and a couple of hours before a big event the dress just doesnt quite ‘sit right’? A lovely idea from Aurora, I know now that if I’m in urgent need for a new dress and I have a time limit of 2 hours, I’ll be logging on to Karen Millen, Warehouse, Oasis or Coast. I just hope they launch this for the Christmas run-up, I reckon thats the time this service will boom!

Fast fashion taken to another level! Bravo!


Karen Millen A/W10


Coast A/W10

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