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Lifestyle: Happy Holidays From Whatemmadid.com

So I did tell myself I would give myself a week off from whatemmadid.com over the Christmas and New Year break. But a bloggers gotta…

Fashion: A Girls Ultimate Dream Christmas

For the past few weeks, I’ve produced a number of posts about my December favourites; beauty brands, new product loves, blogger parties and fashionable finds.…

Lifestyle: Mello Drinks and Leopard Print Onesies

Ah, that feeling when you get into December and realise that you have holidays to take off work before the year is over. I have…

Lifestyle: Health Voucher Codes For Discount Shopping

I know you have heard it many times over, but yes it’s Christmas. It’s the month of December and we can’t avoid the fact that…

Lifestyle: The Co-operative #OnTheList and #MAAfterDark

Excuse the hashtag crazy blog post title, but there have been a number of events celebrating the blogging world lately which just so happen to…

Lifestyle: A Manchester Christmas in the City

I know it’s only the 1st of December, but I have already been celebrating the festive season. It’s been a season of endless blogger Christmas…

Fashion: Saturday Dress and Hair Loves

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m off to two exciting Christmas parties today – the first being held by fellow fashion blogger Rock On Holly and her…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did