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Fashion: September Favourites

  Two of my favourite colours for September are brown and gold –  so imagine how happy I was to come across a stunning swimsuit…

Lifestyle: The Perfect Party in Manchester

  I hate to be the one whittering on about the party season before it’s officially in full swing, but the purpose of today’s post…

Lifestyle: Last-Minute Summer Days Out

Every now and then I like to write about my travels, whether I’m going across the world somewhere sunnier or just a few miles down…

Lifestyle: City Breaks For Girls

We may all be feeling a little miserable with coming into the Autumn Winter season, but I’ve actually been feeling quite optimistic by giving myself…

Fashion: The Most Iconic LBD’s

Now that the Autumn season is approaching, I may be filled with dread with the thought of facing the cold once again, but another part…

Fashion: What’s In My Beach Bag?

We may have just entered September, but holiday season hasn’t officially ended just yet! A few people have asked me a couple of times over…

Lifestyle: Love Food Hate Waste

Last weekend in Manchester, locals were invited to attend the Salad Days event with Marks and Spencers, gathered in St Annes Square. As you probably…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did