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Lifestyle: City Breaks For Girls

We may all be feeling a little miserable with coming into the Autumn Winter season, but I’ve actually been feeling quite optimistic by giving myself…

Fashion: The Most Iconic LBD’s

Now that the Autumn season is approaching, I may be filled with dread with the thought of facing the cold once again, but another part…

Fashion: What’s In My Beach Bag?

We may have just entered September, but holiday season hasn’t officially ended just yet! A few people have asked me a couple of times over…

Lifestyle: Love Food Hate Waste

Last weekend in Manchester, locals were invited to attend the Salad Days event with Marks and Spencers, gathered in St Annes Square. As you probably…

Fashion: Behind the Scenes with Manchester Arndale

Last week, I went back to my roots on set behind the scenes at a new, upcoming A/W 2015 photoshoot. Those who have followed my…

Lifestyle: Reasons Why I Love The Blogging Community

Chatting excitedly over copious piles of pizzas and unique cocktails with a crowd of independent bloggers the other week made me realise all of a…

Lifestyle: Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks

At present, I am definitely not the right person to preach about healthy eating. The last two weeks has seen so many celebrations and occasions…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did