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Lifestyle: A 2017 Life Update

I’m usually a blogger who blogs every day, or at least every other day, but you may have noticed it’s recently become a little more…

Makeup: LaRoc Eyeshadow Palettes

As most of you know, I’m a makeup artist in my spare time. So the amount of makeup and tools I own is pretty ridiculous.…

Lifestyle: 30 Reasons to Love Turning 30

People will tell you that life begins at 30, but I wasn’t too sure. Until, that is, I turned 30 myself last May. And weirdly,…

WIN: Premium Haircare Worth £75+ with Redken

With the Spring season slowly coming into sight, I’ve decided it’s an ideal time to run a little giveaway with my loyal blog followers for…

How to be a Great Maid of Honour

As a bridal makeup artist, it might not come as a big surprise that I love everything associated with Weddings. Venue planning, creative design and…

How to Find the Best Spa Break

Whether I’m planning a girly catch-up or simply just need some time out from my busy schedule, nothing appeals to me more than an indulgent…

My Everyday Work Makeup

A lot of people ask me over on the blog and on Twitter about the makeup products I swear by daily. I’m assuming when they…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did