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Lifestyle: Dressing Room Inspiration

One of my favourite rooms in my house is my spare bedroom, and mainly because I have turned it into the loveliest little room dedicated…

Lifestyle: October Favourites

October has been an interesting month. For one, I’ve noticed the temperatures drop a considerable amount, and waking up to a pitch black sky, driving…

Lifestyle: Luxury Gift Ideas

We all know that one lady who loves her luxury. Whether she can’t be spotted without her Marc Jacobs bag in tow, or detests staying…

Early Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

I know what you’re all thinking: it’s way too early for a Christmas Gift Guide. But in actual fact, it really isn’t, as most of…

Fashion: Pretty Dresses and Details

It’s not often I opt for a relaxed, boho style when it comes to dresses, but this week see’s me doing so. I love the…

Fashion: The Importance of Photography

When I first started out my blogger journey almost 7 years ago, I had the most relaxed attitude to photography. This wasn’t due to being…

Lifestyle: Mountain Climbing in Wales

If any of you came across my blog post back in May about my goals before turning 30, you’ll see that I conquered climbing Mount…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did