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Beauty: Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Kit

Recently, with coming over to Australia and having a complete change of lifestyle, a lot of readers have been asking me about my skincare regime…

Hair: Aveda Tribe Salon Review

A quick post today focusing on a hair salon review, which I very rarely cover on the blog, however after a disastrous week last week…

Beauty: Taking A Look At Arbonne

As a beauty blogger, I am always interested in hearing about brands I haven’t been made aware of yet, and of course, testing them out.…

Fashion: Online Luxury Shopping Neighbourhood Avenue32

One of my main aims of this website is to try and keep my readers up to date with what’s going on in the online…

Careers: New BBC Series Opportunity

Calling all budding Fashion Marketeers! Do you have a real passion for fashion? Are you a brand junkie, and know everything from quirky lifestyle┬álabels to…

Fashion: Pineapple Clothing

It’s something that people take up for a new years resolution, but there’s nothing wrong with starting one in November – I’ve decided to take…

Fashion: Matalan Spring Summer 2012

Most of you will probably will remember I kicked off Matalan’s fashion blog when it launched in 2010, working for them on the blog for…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did