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Fashion: Why sports fashion is rising

With working closely with the fashion and retail industry, one thing that interests me year after year is trends in sales. Slightly geeky, I know…

Beauty: March Favourites

Happy April everyone! I won’t kick start with the predictable line of ‘where is the year going already?’, as we know that’s pretty much a…

Fashion: My Everyday Bag

Spring is arriving, and as well as considering a bit of a Spring overhaul with my make-up and clothes, there is something else that desperately…

Fashion: WIN a Spring Playsuit on Instagram

February has arrived, so in the world of What Emma Did, it means one thing – Spring fashion isn’t too far away! If you look…

Beauty: GOSH SS16 Make Up Launch

Some of you may have read my blog post last week which was all about ‘My London Diary‘, which was basically a little round-up of…

Fitness: Working out with Pink Soda Sport

So far for 2016, I’ve been making a little extra effort to go to the gym on a regular basis. However, getting to my gym…

Fashion: Lounge Wear Loving

I’ve quickly become a huge fan of more casual clothes over the past six months, with a considerably larger amount of sweaters, joggers and hoodies…

What Emma Did

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