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Beauty: My Skin and Me

Don’t you just love being able to cover your face with something if you are having a bad skin day? In the photos above, the…

Beauty: The Spa at The Midland, Manchester

If you live in or around Manchester, there is one spa I would love to recommend to you all, and that is The Spa at…

Lifestyle: The Home Tour

Although I officially bought my house back in March, it look a number of months to ‘do up’ until it was looking smart enough and…

Beauty: Shopping at Urban Retreat Beautique

Is there a beauty ‘hack’ that you just can’t hack? No matter how often you try to ‘hack’ it? I have one which I am…

Beauty: L.A.B 2 Make Up Brushes

As a beauty blogger who likes to play make-up artist on the side, I love nothing more than adding to my growing collection of make-up…

Beauty: Highlighting and Contouring With Powder

The beauty world is going contouring and highlighting crazy, and I for one am a huge fan of this face shaping method. But, if you…

Beauty: House of Fraser Beauty Ambassador

Girls – the most fantastic opportunity has come up, and I’m feeling an extreme buzz of excitement just putting this post together. It’s an opportunity…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did