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Lifestyle: Bulletproof Coffee, A Keto Lifestyle

If you have been researching diets that can boost your energy levels while helping you lose weight, you may have heard of the keto diet.…

Lifestyle: Searching For My Next Break And Taking Holidays

I hate to say it but lets be real: Autumn/Winter is around the corner, and it looks like we’ve seen the back of what has…

Lifestyle: 4 Ways To Lead A More Positive Life

When you look at it, life is SO much better when you make the choices you’ve always wanted to make. I hate the thought of…

Lifestyle: A Hen Party Weekend in Benalmadena

This Summer, I’m lucky to be taking on the role of Maid of Honour for my best friend at her wedding In fact, myself and…

Lifestyle: Six things to consider when planning a wedding

Weddings are supposed to be the loveliest of celebrations, ones that create lasting memories and establish a potentially lifelong bond between two soulmates. Such a…

Lifestyle: A Fantastic Events Academy Is Coming To Manchester

If there is one area of my life that has grown significantly, whether it be based around work or pleasure, it has to be creativity.…

Lifestyle: My World of Bridal Makeup and Wedding Planning

When 2018 kicked in, I started the year with a bit of a change to my life. I made my six year ‘side job’ more…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did