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Things To Love In February

Today, I heard through the fashion and beauty grapevine about a few products tipped to be on a fair few people’s wish lists for February. So no…

Fashion: Matalan Spring Summer 2012

Most of you will probably will remember I kicked off Matalan’s fashion blog when it launched in 2010, working for them on the blog for…

Hair: ‘Style On Demand’ with John Frieda

For the past six months, I’ve been trying to grow my hair and I’ve successfully got it to the longest length it can reach without…

Fashion: Mulberry SS12 Seaside Style!

I have to say that when browsing through the behind-the-scenes shots at the Mulberry SS12 photoshoot, it really brightened up the stat of my week! The…

Beauty: Changing Colours with MAC

As an avid make-up wearer (I would love to say I go bare faced for work days, but I’m not going to lie and say…

Are You Fashion’s ‘Next Big Thing’?

Sure- you can design clothes. You might be pretty damn fabulous at it too and have designed some real one-off pieces. If your nodding your head…

Fashion: Feathers at Accessories Direct

For the readers out there who don’t know, I work in the jewellery and accessories industry in PR & Marketing, so I usually limit the…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did