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Beauty: Changing Colours with MAC

As an avid make-up wearer (I would love to say I go bare faced for work days, but I’m not going to lie and say…

Are You Fashion’s ‘Next Big Thing’?

Sure- you can design clothes. You might be pretty damn fabulous at it too and have designed some real one-off pieces. If your nodding your head…

Fashion: Feathers at Accessories Direct

For the readers out there who don’t know, I work in the jewellery and accessories industry in PR & Marketing, so I usually limit the…

Beauty: Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold

Just before Christmas, I was very honoured to be selected as a beauty blogger to review Xen Tan’s newest product – Scent Secure Gold. Only 3…

Fashionable Plans

I have been blown away with so many lovely emails and calls to ask whats happening with the blog lately, and why my posts have…

Fashion: Winter Tights

So I have a new friend for the winter – Jonathon Aston Taylor Tights from Legs Love. I say it over and over and again…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did