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Fashion: Footwear Favourites

Today’s post is a little one to list some recent footwear favourites I have come across lately, which I wanted to share now it’s reached…

Beauty: 5 New Beauty Discoveries

It’s been a while since I have put together a round-up post of some newly discovered brands and beauty products, so I’ve decided that’s what…

Food Review: 1847 Manchester Vegetarian Restaurant

So I’m not a vegetarian, and don’t have any intentions of turning into one any time soon, but I’m open to trying a good old…

Beauty: 90 Days To Natural Beauty

I’ve blogged a couple of posts throughout January so far about hair and beauty goals, featuring a number of my personal aims to try and…

Beauty: NYX Cosmetics Comes To The UK

Back in December, quite a few of my little dreams came true on the day that Manchester decided to become the new home to American…

Beauty: 7 Hair Hacks To Nail in 2016

As well as all the many little aims and goals I’ve made for myself in 2016, there’s another one to add to the list. I’ve…

Fashion: Investing in luxuries

  So January arrived and I did it – I bought myself a designer bag. No, it wasn’t Mulberry or Marc Jacobs. In fact, it…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did