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Fitness: Experiencing Spinning at Spin Factory, Manchester

To be pretty precise – spinning is possibly one of the most challenging workouts I have done over the past couple of years. It doesn’t…

Beauty: Tips for how to have whiter, healthier teeth

  If anyone out there tells you that teeth aren’t that noticeable or that they don’t really pay much attention to them – then they…

Fashion: Choosing a Conservative Prom Dress

As you all know dresses are my favourite topic, so this post is dedicated to my younger readers looking forward to prom time! Many young…

Beauty: SHOW Beauty Hair Products

Those who know me and regularly read this blog will know that as much as I love discovering a fabulous beauty product range, there is…

Lifestyle: 10 Food Hacks For a Healthier You

First of all, I’m no nutritionist or personal trainer, but I do have a huge interest in healthy eating and fitness, always scoping out new…

Fashion: Lounge Wear Loving

I’ve quickly become a huge fan of more casual clothes over the past six months, with a considerably larger amount of sweaters, joggers and hoodies…

Food Review: Don Giovanni Manchester

I’m a self confessed Italian food addict: it’s possibly my favourite cuisine to eat out and enjoy, even though I know a lot of people…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did