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Beauty: Autumn Beauty Prepping

Last week saw the beginning of the equinox – the official start of Autumn – and I actually felt quite nice about it. There’s something…

Fashion: Accessories to take you into Autumn Winter 2015

It’s that time of year again – it’s Autumn and it’s finally socially acceptable to fill up on carbs again and start covering up with layers, tights and…

Lifestyle: Men’s Gifts and Freshers Giveaway!

  Today’s post is steering away from the usual ladies focus for a change, and is dedicated more towards to the students out there, and…

Beauty: Hair Extensions Uncovered

  Years ago, I used to buy clip-in hair extensions for thickness and length on a regular basis. With hair extensions, I just used to…

Beauty: My Skin and Me

Don’t you just love being able to cover your face with something if you are having a bad skin day? In the photos above, the…

Fashion: September Favourites

  Two of my favourite colours for September are brown and gold –  so imagine how happy I was to come across a stunning swimsuit…

Lifestyle: Italian Food Delights

So I’m one of those girls who loves every type of food. As in, I really struggle to think of a cuisine or even a…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did