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Fashion: Tights and Open Toe Trend

A little post today to discuss a trend I have mixed reviews on. So here is the question: should you ever wear tights with open…

Fashion: SS15 Trend Round-up

Although I love a good season of layering up, most fashion lovers appreciate the summer season the most, especially for an excuse to wear lighter…

Lifestyle: Things To Do Before Turning 30 Bucket List

As most of you will probably know, I post on whatemmadid.com everyday, but last week has been pretty manic to say the least. It’s been…

Beauty: Summer Superdrug Haul

Here is a little summer budgeting post for you all today. After doing the financially draining paying both rent on my apartment and mortgage on…

Lifestyle: Barbie House Villa

As I am a super girly girl (most of you will have picked this up by now), I came across this piece of news which…

Beauty: How To Rock The Eyebrow Trend

There’s no biggest beauty trend right now than that of the eyebrow trend – fuller, thicker, groomed brows to rival that of model Cara Delevingne…

Lifestyle: Being a Full Time Blogger

Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog post – I’m not ‘officially’ titled as a full time blogger yet. Although that entirely depends…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did