Live and Breathe Audigier!

So it’s Monday morning in a few hours, and where as I’m usually preparing an early night for the working week ahead, I’m up planning my interview with branding phenomenon Christian Audigier.

He’s quite a man who’s gone a long way since the days we walked around sporting his Von Dutch caps. We may look back and cringe at the trend Audigier kicked off, but for him it was the start of becoming a massive name in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Madonna, Britney Spears, David Beckham and Mariah Carey gush over the Hollywood superstar, owning wardrobes stocked up with his tatoo-inspired and crystal-encrusted clothes. So how has this guy, who owes nothing to style magazines, slowly started to take over the fashion world?

The answer starts with Ed, and ends with Hardy. His collaboration with the US tattoo artist created designs famous for their skull, roses and tiger motif’s. Audigier transformed Don Ed Hardy’s work into a global brand, with celebrities everywhere being snapped in his designs. Stand-alone stores opened up all around the world, and Audigier started working on clothing ranges with the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. The French designer had cracked the world of fashion in no time, but that wasn’t enough…

Audigier is a lifestyle man, where he knows his branding can become everywhere. So out came along the Christian Audigier nightclub at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas, shortly followed by his very own range of fine wines and champagne’s. When you need to tell the time, you can purchase Audigier watches and glance at a fashionable bold graphic face telling you its half past two (or you could wear the whole brand and team up with graphic printed jeans, why not go Audigier overboard?!).


His range of wines and champagnes are intricately designed with a similar style to his Ed Hardy range; bold colours, ”True Love’ scrolls, bright graphics and the famous Audigier signature. Downside however, is that these fashionable drinks are only sold in exclusive bars and nightclubs, and stocked only in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Affluent customers only then…

And all this can be topped off by the Christian Audigier hotel that is currently being built in beautiful Dubai!


So Christian Audigier isn’t just a fashion front man, he’s a walking, talking, living, breathing lifestyle. He is a mix of celebrities, rock n’ roll, street culture and Hollywood glam. If Michael Jackson can proudly call him the ‘King of Fashion’, then I think I certainly can too!  Check back this week for my interview with the French designer, where I’ll be focusing on Audigier taking over our lives with night clubs and drinks, and finding out what’s influenced him to launch into these product areas.

Pretty impressive how you can dress, party, drink, and holiday in style, all under one mans name, don’t you think?

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  1. steve thompson
    July 27, 2010 / 5:43 pm

    tastes very poor

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