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Lifestyle: Winter Nights | #SpreadFeelGoodness

There’s a bit of a slippery slope surrounding Wintery nights, and I’m sure you’ll all relate to this. Cold nights equal to cosy nights in with friends, central heating on, with lots of hot chocolate and coffees being sipped. Or if it’s not my usual hot chocolate or coffee, it’s a cheeky amaretto and coke, or mulled wine. Mmmmm…

And lets not get started on the food. I’m addicted to mince pies (and I’m not ashamed), and lets not even start to think about all those celebrations tubs we dip our hands into constantly. However, the Winter shouldn’t be seen as an unhealthy period, as there are so many other ways to have a cosy get together at home whilst keeping good health and beauty in mind, whilst still having fun!

The Feel Good Drinks Company challenged me to join their #SpreadFeelGoodness campaign, highlighting to people how to party and socialise this Winter season, but by still feeling good and being good to yourself. Want to see how I got on? Read on!

The Dress

First of all, if I’m going to have a handful of people round at my house for a gathering, then I’m going to opt for a long sleeve, relaxed style dress, like this swing dress I’m wearing above. It’s another addition from my ASOS Marketplace boutique, which has currently sold out but will be back in stock shortly!

House parties or Wintery gatherings are the perfect excuse to pop on a long sleeve dress – and even a nice thick pair of tights. You can even skip the heels if you are just relaxing at your home and playing host. I’ll confess – I regularly team my swing dresses and tights up with a pair of not-so-glamorous slippers. There’s totally nothing wrong with that! (I can see your expressions…)

The Decor

A little at-home get together is all about the company and the ambiance, so don’t worry about stressing over decorations and settings. For my occasion, I’ve got myself armed with lots of yummy Feel Good Drinks which will play the main focus for my guests, so really all my decor needs to do is to fit in with this theme. As these drinks I’m serving up are all about having no added sugar, and are purely 100% natural fruit and water, I just wanted a fun, colourful theme going on!

With these lovely printed flags, brightly designed straws and a concoction of fun photobooth style props, I feel everything fits in rather nicely…

The Drinks

At The Feel Good Drinks Company, the moto is that if you drink good, you feel good, and I don’t think anyone out there can argue with that. It always comes down to what you put inside your body, such as vitamins, minerals, and the all-important water.

In a world where we need to be much more careful about the sugar we consume, I’ve literally embraced these drinks and stocked up my kitchen with these adorable bright and funky bottles! Each drink packs a fruity, extremely tasty punch, with a combination of delicious fruits. However they are all 100% natural, without the added nasties, featuring a simple blend of water and fruit.

I have to say though, it was when I experienced the fizz and the flavours of the sparkling ‘A Bit Bubbly’ bottles, I thought of a fantastic idea. Why not create some unique and adventurous mocktails by using these drinks, giving myself and my guests a range of healthy fruits?

It’s really simple to do. You just literally mix up a bit of the ‘bubbly’ drinks (my favourite is the apple, elderflower and water) with some of the still drinks (like the mouth watering orange, mango and water drink), and you can add in whatever else you like to ’embellish’. On my occasion, I actually got a little bit fancy and sliced up fresh nectarines and topped with lemonade.

I practiced by creating two super yummy mocktail versions, which I can’t wait to hand out to guests when they come on over for an What Emma Did style night in!

All that’s missing from my goodness-themed party is some homemade kale crisps, homemade guacamole, perhaps an avocado cheese cake, slices of banana bread, and a few other bits. Lets just say, if I can pull off, I’ll be overly happy with myself!

How do you plan of spreading the feel-good vibes this Winter?

*This is a sponsored post.

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