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Lifestyle: What Emma Did Is Moving…

what emma did

A little post today to apologise to you all for any signs of being absent on whatemmadid.com or across my social channels, but I have some exciting news. I am moving into my very own house, which will have a dedicated office for running the blog and boutique of course! I currently have no internet access, and I am living in between three locations: my old apartment, my parents house, and the new house. So bear with me guys, my internet should be up and running within a week, and I’ll be all settled into my new office ready to blog everyday again.

new house

I am super excited to have a lovely two bed house to call home, filled with everything that makes me happy and decorated just to my style. Along with the house move, I do have some more exciting news – whatemmadid.com is revamping! The website is currently under construction and undergoing a fresh new layout. If I’m going to move into a new environment and have a dedicated office for the blog, then it makes sense to give the website a shiny new makeover too.

So sit tight ladies. I won’t be gone for long, however it may be impossible for me to be able to blog daily and share new features with you for the next seven days.

In the meantime, do keep in touch over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – i’ll be as active as I can. See you all soon!

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did