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A few years ago, if you mentioned the phrase ‘wearable technology’ then most people would have probably thought you were a bit of a geek. Whether it was a Bluetooth headset around your ear or a belt buckle that flashed an LED message, wearing anything battery powered didn’t really make you look cool. However, technology companies have finally collaborated with the fashion world to make certain forms of technology that is both stylish and useful at the same time.

The trendiest bit of wearable tech in 2016 looks likely to be the smart watch. Whilst they have been around in some shape or form for the last couple of years, the idea really took off when Apple announced their Apple Watch back in April last year. Although some of the previous iPhones and iPods have been available in a range of 4 or 5 colours, this was really the first Apple gadget that gave you a real choice of what your device looked like. From the cheapest Apple Watch Sport with coloured bands to the more expensive stainless steel linked bracelets and chains, there was almost as many choices of Apple Watch as there was a normal watch in any jewellers.

As well as looking good, it was also an extension of the extremely easy to use software many millions of people have come to love on the iPhone. You could send a text, make a call or even search for something online from your phone without having to touch your phone. The watch worked as a second screen that you could track on your social life while you relaxed and watched a film, read a book or even played casino online from your phone. As well as creating smart watches, smartphone companies have been working hard on improving the graphics, screens and internet connections on their phone so you can now play casino online from almost anywhere in the country. Even if you’ve never played a casino online before, websites like Coral have a wide range of games to keep even novices entertained wherever you are.

Of course whatever Apple does, there is a whole range of companies wanting to do the same thing and try and catch up to their big rival. When iPhone users began to be able to play casino online a few years ago it wasn’t long until Android caught up. Now the Apple Watch has been released, their rivals are coming out with smarter and more stylish gadgets than ever before. The latest Sony SmartWatch comes with a battery that can last 48 hours on a single charge, a clearer display and of course a wide range of stylish choices for your wristband.
But it’s not just watches that are getting smarter. The Misfit Shine can do many of the features smart watches can but can also be worn as a stylish necklace. Now these gadgets are stylish enough to be worn as a necklace, who knows what new piece of wearable tech we can expect over the next few years.

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