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Lifestyle: The working from home life

home office
For the past few months, I’ve been splitting my time between working from the office, and working at home. Working from home is something I have always dreamed of – I’m actually so much more productive when working this way. Waking up and opening my laptop on a weekday for a full-on day dedicated to running whatemmadid.com and various other freelance writing jobs is what I love to do. People assume it can get lonely, but I’m honestly so busy I literally don’t have time to consider that it’s only me sat around in the ‘office’ (also known as my spare room!).

What I love the most about the days I work from home, is that I can work away in my home office, which is kitted out to all my personal tastes. I’ve styled it up to be full of inspiration- the walls are adorned with photos, illustrations and quotes, and the desk is filled with pretty stationary and notebooks.

However, as much as I love the whole home working concept and having my own dedicated space, there are a number of things I have had to consider. At the end of the day, I’m working in a spare room in my own home, which isn’t kitted out as a professional office. There are no health and safety staff on hand to check out whether my chair, desk and computer are in good order for my posture and eyesight. There are no meeting rooms, industrial sized printers or scanners, and there is also no air conditioning. Which is a little bit of a downfall…

home office

The only control I have over the air flow and temperature in my home working space is via my central heating (which is great for those cold days), or by opening a window (which is pretty poor when it’s raining). I have to admit, I have been finding that one of my home working problems has involved feeling a little lethargic, suffering a loss of concentration throughout the day. I did get a bit worried about this, but had a feeling it was due to the lack of air conditioning in my house, as I don’t really get these feelings when I’m in my Manchester office. So I took it upon myself to give it a little bit of research, and found out that the lack of oxygen flow is pretty much the main problem here.

Here’s some of the findings I’ve come across as to why I really could do with looking into proper air conditioning…

1.  Comfort levels
Even if it’s pretty cold outside, my house can get quite stuffy due to the lack of ventilation. The stuffy air and heat actually makes me a little uncomfortable, making me conscious of sweating.

2. Concentration levels
The lack of cool air flow has been playing havoc with my concentration levels lately, giving me more headaches and bringing on tiredness. I find myself feeling really sleepy come 2pm, when usually I don’t start to feel tired until 5pm when I’m in a ‘proper’ office.


home office
home office
home office
home office

3. Irritation levels
When my body temperature is rising, I’ve found I have tended to get irritated by little things that I possibly wouldn’t focus on if my body was at the right temperature. I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling warmer than usual, or that I could really do with some cool air, my mood gradually gets a little worse. Next thing I know, I feel quite snappy, and my stress levels start to rise. This is absolutely no good when I’m working on my own!

If working from home is going to be a long-term thing, then it’s possibly a good idea I look into kitting my home office out with suitable air conditioning. The problem I have about this first all is pretty much this: just look how pretty my home office is! Where on Earth would a big bulky unit sit?

Luckily, I came across iclimate solutions, who offer ventilation for both residential and commercial properties. As I would need residential air conditioning, I was so happy to see that they offer a range of stylish units which can actually be concealed to look virtually ‘invisible’ when fitted into my office. This point alone is such a selling point for me – I mean, who wants a big ugly unit placed in a fashion inspired home office?

As I’m no expert with fitting units or anything like this, iClimate Solutions come to the rescue here. They offer to manage the project from start to finish, with minimal inconvenience to the home. Meaning I can carry on working away, whilst looking forward to a finished office complete with free flowing oxygen – hooray!

home office
home office
As you can see from the photos, my home office is kitted out for every aspect of my fashion and beauty blogging career. There’s a dedicated side table set up for all my product shots, a full length mirror for outfit ‘mirror selfies’, and storage for all my samples to review. Next in the line will be a recommended air conditioning system, and maybe after that I can tackle the uncomfortable chair situation I have going on. Don’t tell me you didn’t spot it!

When I want to take a little break, I’ll sometimes escape to my modern designed, cottage-type living room. I’m a sucker for getting distracted by Loose Women though…

home office
home office
home office

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