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Lifestyle: The Art of Time Management and Blogging

Lately, my life is whirlwind. Those who read the blog and know about my full time work and social life too will know just how crazy things can get in the world of What Emma Did. I usually pride myself on being organised and always on top of everything, but lately things have been getting slightly harder to manage. I find I have a new home these days – coffee shops with brilliant WiFi connection. Because I literally can’t work from my apartment anymore during evenings and weekends as it is currently surrounded by stacked up boxes ready for my moving out date, and I can’t really focus on writing anymore when I’m in such a messy environment.

So my spare time these days seems to involve being huddled over my laptop in Caffe Nero, fueling myself every hour with fattening soya lattes, blogging away, running the boutique, over seeing my social channels and powering through freelance projects. A few things I’ve noticed as a result of this: I have no concept of the news, and no concept of television…

coffee morning
Ever feel really stupid when someone talks about a topic that has been mentioned in the news, and for a second, you just have a blank face due to spending so much time lately wrapped up in your own business? As I’m always on the go, I decided it was time to get my mobile phone in serious action to start helping me become more tuned in to the world, and the news that is going on on a daily basis. If I’m not at work- or freelancing from a wifi spot- I’m in the car, on a bus, on a train, at an event, rushing to steal five minutes with friends and family, at meetings, networking…. but I always have my iPhone with me. So it’s time to utilise my phone to tune in to my busy life, and it’s at this point I started the hunt for a news app which caters for the busy socialite girls like myself…

And ta-da! Bullet News is now a permanent fixture to my phone. I first downloaded Bullet News from the apple App store hoping I’d get the use out of it, but half assuming I’ll do what I did when I first downloaded the Daily Mail app: open it up, look at all the text, and decide I have absolutely no time for it. However, this is where Bullet News is completely tailor made for me. You select which news categories you are interested in (I began with just Entertainment and UK to make it more relevant), and every time you open the app, your news categories are listed at the top. For example, I’ll hit ‘Entertainment’, and bullet point headlines are displayed in short, snappy and concise formats.

bullet news

The general gist of the latest news gets presented in three snappy little bullet points, with the option to “read the Daily Mirror to see more”, or whichever publication holds the full story. For me, this is a life saver! I have no more time that 10 speedy seconds to steal a glance at the countries news stories, so flicking through the app and seeing clear bullet points which deliver the story in small steps is more than ideal, especially as you can browse up to 6 new six new stories per minute. Super fast…

I have this handy life saver of an app on my iPhone, and usually have a good scroll through each morning during my mad dash to work. If you are a busy lady too, and don’t want your general knowledge to slip, I highly recommend downloading the Bullet News app (I downloaded it from the App store here) so you can keep ahead of what’s going on!

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