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Lifestyle: Six easy ways to give your bedroom a modern makeover

Most people try to live by the whole ‘new year, new me’ mantra, and end up re-assessing the situation come July. They say the average person only keeps up their new year goals for a maximum of two months, before letting it slip silently into the busy and hectic year ahead (once again).

One of the most common amendments to someone’s life is to transform their home, creating a re-vamped and updated haven. It’s all good and well kick-starting this in January, but come March, you may have only gotten as far as giving one wall a lick of paint, or purchased a new duvet cover to add a splash of colour to go with your desired ‘colour scheme’ (that never gets finished).

So in today’s post, I thought I’d be realistic and share with you some of the tips I’m sticking to in order to try and makeover my own bedroom, and help others who are fighting a losing battle! If you know you’re not going to go all out and create a crazy transformation, it’s worth just sticking to those tiny yet effective changes.

Here’s some of my favourites:

Add shelves and be creative

If you don’t have the time or money to start adding new furniture to your room to update It, look further into the art of shelving. You can create many shelving displays which add interest to a bedroom, such as shelves which attach onto walls, which can display statement accessories like candle holders, ornaments, or plants. You can also get ones which simply line up over your bed, desk or blank wall. These can be used to create a theme, such as with a line of books, products, photographs or prints.

Use shelves to display some creativity and set that theme going for the room.

Paint a feature wall

Painting and wallpapering can be big jobs, making this part of upgrading a room the one that slips the net the most. Make it easy on yourself by choosing one key wall and making it into a feature. You could paint it a pastel shade to add a touch of colour without being too loud, or, to make more of a statement, paper a feature wall with a printed wallpaper.

Pinterest has lots of décor inspiration for this!

Make your walls and your bedding the main focus

It’s impressive what a couple of new wall prints (framed or unframed, but framed is usually stronger) and new bed linen can do! Simply chose 2 or 3 pieces of art work that really appeal to you and change the look of your walls. Black and white prints are always a classy option, but if you’re more of an eclectic person, bold colour prints work just as well.

Upgrading your bed to something with a bit more style to it can also work wonders. Velvet divan beds are quite popular at the moment, as they give that welcoming, queen-of-the-bed feel with their plush velvet headboards and framing around the sides. Consider a silver velvet divan bed for a glamorous addition to your room.

Another method would be to invest in some new luxurious cushions and throws. A few new additions draped over your bed can make all the different.


Make your storage look stylish

For those who are quite messy or have small rooms, it’s easy to struggle with utilising your storage to actually look quite stylish and like its ‘meant to look like that’. A quick win I always find works for me is to purchase black cardboard boxes which look quite chic, and I fill them with the odd items which just don’t look right on show.

I also came across this creative idea on Pinterest, in which a trolley was used to stack desk items, books, mugs and stationary to look super trendy. If you keep the rest of your bedroom clutter-free and tidy, then dedicated one stack-able piece of storage to represent your everyday items, it can actually look super cool!

Use a mirror to add interest

Everyone knows mirrors can do wonders for a bedroom, in terms of making the room appear larger and more open, and also giving it a more sophisticated finish. Depending on budget, you could choose a simply understated style with a silver finish frame which stands on the floor. Or, opt for decorative lights to reflect a more flashy personality and to become the main focus of the room.

If you have the space, a free standing mirror that rests on the floor to the wall can look really special, its also a ‘little bit fashion’ too. Ideally one like this one from Furniture.com– which is super sassy and sophisticated for a bedroom you wish to make a little more stylish.

Add lights where you can for ambiance

And last but not least, it’s all about the lighting! Depending on whether you light the room with rustic candles and lamp-shaded lamps, or with dimmed spotlights and a sleek dressing table light, it can really set the mood and ambiance of the room. For smaller rooms, you could add stringed lights or fairy lights to give that cosy little den feel, along with tea lights scattered (safely!) along the window ledge.

Large rooms could feature a grand floor lamp to give some depth and focus to the room, and over all, spotlights give a much more premium feel. It really depends what look you wish to achieve, but lighting can play such a huge part.

If you’re looking at making that bedroom of yours look a little more prettier, then I hope some of these tips can help!

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