Lifestyle: Planning a Successful 2018 and Beyond

Every now and again I like to put together a personal blog post, where I just natter on about whats happening right now and highlight a few future plans. I’m coming to the end of my 2017, and boy has it been an adventurous year.

I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved anything ground-breaking or Earth shattering, but I have been consistent at building up my What Emma Did brand, working hard, visiting new places, making future plans and overall, having what I would call a successful year.

I made a few goals at the start of the year which I can happily say I’ve achieved, and haven’t stopped them there. I wanted to work on my social media strategy much more closely this year, growing my Instagram following to over 10k, in which I am now proudly sitting at 20k! I wanted to work as hard as I could and save up £10,000 in my savings account, which I accomplished by September. With this, I put a hefty deposit down on a white Audi A1 car, saying goodbye to my little Fiat 500 Sport.

I also wanted to improve my skills within professional makeup artistry and be much more confident on the big jobs. This year, I’ve secured more bookings than ever, and have even put myself in situations where I have had 7 bridesmaids to do in just 2 and a half hours, taking on much bigger and scarier jobs than I thought I would.

I’ve been super busy doing a lot of friends weddings at the start of the year, before going onto responses to my online ad, and from people finding my bridal makeup page, which you can find here if you fancy a little peak! I’m now covering lots of areas across the North West and Staffordshire, and learning lots of new techniques all the time. I even attended an intense 3 hour one-on-one class at KLMA in Bury, which was possibly the most useful and insightful class I’ve had to date!

In January, will turn 8 years old. Eight years old! That’s a pretty long time for a blog, and I’m so happy to know that when another year passes, the brand has only had another 100% effort put into it.

I may not always be able to take up opportunities that come with the blog due to working full time in beauty PR and being a makeup artist too, or attend all the event invites I get in Manchester and London, but beside that, I really do work hard to keep it going from strength to strength, and I’m happy that despite 2017 being one of my busiest years within both my work and personal life, I’ve managed to maintain the balance.

I’m not quite sure how – when I discover my secret I’ll happily share! Maybe its down to being glued to my phone and social channels constantly, which isn’t very healthy…but anyway!

Due to the growing success of the blog (which I’m ever so thankful for), I’ve discovered a new found problem: mail and deliveries. For next year, I’m looking into getting a better system set up for my packages so that I don’t miss deliveries, and when I’m not there, my mailbox is either a) big enough for my parcels to be posted through, or b) there’s someone to hand 24/7 to sign for them.

I’m currently browsing options, like Mailbox Works, for a bit of inspiration and help. I’m half thinking a large wall mounted PO box that can fit parcel size mail in would be such a lifesaver for me – I mean, making extra journeys to the main post office various times a week is just adding wasted time onto my day.

As other bloggers will know, periods like Spring/Summer transition and November/December are ridiculously busy for us in terms of promoting brands and reviewing, and its those times where I really wish I had a better solution to my mail box problem!

So here’s an update for you which I’m not sure why I’ve left it so late in this post to announce: I’VE FINALLY JOINED YOUTUBE!

I haven’t yet posted a video where I’m entertaining you with my strong Mancunian accent and awkward facial expressions, but don’t worry, they will come in 2018. I say it every year that I’m going to get a channel up and running, and every year I fail. But not this year! I launched my channel last week, so it’s officially still in 2017.

Earlier on in the year I teamed up with clothing brand Joanie and makeup studio The Vintage Makeup Parlour to create three incredible Halloween makeup tutorials. These videos have become the first three uploads for my channel, which you can see here. I absolutely LOVE the Wanda Woodward look, and feel the team at Joanie did a brilliant job with these videos. I’ll be pushing them next Halloween for sure!

What Emma Did on YouTube



Last but not least, I wanted to mention about how excited I am that my makeup artistry work is going unbelievably well (I know I touched briefly on it above, but here I am again, waffling on about it!). I started out in makeup around 5/6 years ago, training up to be able to professionally carry out all the makeup for my twin sisters wedding all those years ago.

Since then, I now regularly do bridal makeup during my weekends, and I honestly love it. It’s the most rewarding feeling when you have a happy, confident bride loving her makeup look, along with beautifully made up bridesmaids and wider bridal parties. The main aim for me is to enhance women’s natural looks – not to mask it or make people look unrecognizable. I like to create a subtle, pretty, glowing look for all my girls, and I’m really happy with the feedback and results that have been coming through.

Aside from this, I’m also doing a lot more evening and occasion makeup bookings,  so that means pulling off a lot of strong smokey eye looks (not to mention my fave highlight and contour look!).


So here’s to 2018 – lots more painting gorgeous faces and bringing my makeup obsession across all areas of Cheshire, Manchester, Staffordshire and the North West!

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