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Lifestyle: MyProtein Girls Only Fitness Day


The other weekend, I headed down to the Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Manchester to spend a Saturday with the team from MyProtein and a handful of Manchester’s fitness bloggers. As some of you may know, I actually write for MyProtein, where I have started to contribute fitness, diet and health features for their interesting blog, The Zone. Some of the features I have penned together up to now include a round up of the best non-dairy lactose free milks (I’m a soya milk drinker) and reasons why girls should incorporate protein into their diet – so as you can tell I’m already a huge fan of the brand!

After working out regularly wearing some of the sports tops from MyProtein, I recently picked a new pair of grey waist banded black yoga pants which I’m currently loving wearing for cardio workouts too, so I popped these on along with one of their vests and got ready for a day of workouts, fitness chats, and trying out lots of yummy protein filled treats!

my protein
my protein
my protein
my protein
my protein
my protein
my protein
As you can see from the above photos – working out is far from glamorous! The lovely MyProtein Ambassador Victoria Spence put us girls through the paces of a hardcore HIIT workout, which contained lots of fast moving cardio exercises, followed by the tiniest of breaks to catch our breath. All the old favourites from my days of high intensity workouts came back: burpees, push ups, squats… I knew I was going to be aching the next day.

After the workout, we all sipped salted caramel protein shakes – which were absolutely delicious may I add – and chatted together in a circle about all our fitness and health queries, with Victoria giving her thoughts to our questions. It was a lovely open circle discussion type, which was super nice for me as I usually go to the gym and workout on my own, so regularly miss out on what other girls are thinking about exercise and fitness.

To round up a fun day, we all tucked in to a range of protein filled treats such as Oat & Whey Bars (which I now purchase because they are too damn tasty) Cookies, Flapjacks and Chocolate Clusters and wafers. What I love about this particular range of MyProtein treats is that due to myself having the biggest sweet tooth, these treats taste just as sweet as regular chocolate bars and sweet snacks, except the sugar content is much much lower! The sugar grams is more around 4g rather than the expected 20g from regular sugar filled treats. So in my eyes, I’m busting my sweet fix, yet keeping my sugar content down!

oats and whey bar
A huge thank you to the team at MyProtein for the invite along, it really was a blog event with a difference. Also, I recently purchased a gorgeous pale pink MyProtein gym back and black hoody for my walks, so i’ll be showcasing these on the blog soon too…

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