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Lifestyle: Mello Drinks and Leopard Print Onesies

Ah, that feeling when you get into December and realise that you have holidays to take off work before the year is over. I have just enjoyed two days off during the week – usually unheard of for me- although the amount of work I’ve had to do makes it feel less like holidays. Anyway, I did take a bit of ‘chill time’ to relax in my apartment and relax. I also wanted to try and kick my caffeine habit during the run up to Christmas, whilst I haven’t got the temptation of coffee shops. So I’ve been drinking Mello Drinks– fresh melon juice with no added sugar or preservatives, to try and kick in the Vitamin C!

Mello drinks come in two flavours – Watermelon and Cantaloupe juice which aim to rehydrate, repair and replenish. The watermelon juice contains 95% fresh watermelon juice and 5% Pomegranate juice, making this an excellent source of 1 of your 5 a day, and to fuel your body after a work out or exercise.

My favourite of the two is the Cantaloupe juice, although I did find both flavours really delicious! Cantaloupe melon is known as the beauty fruit because of it’s beauty boosting benefits- clearing up acne and helping to reduce dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles.  This drink is rehydrating, with very high levels of Vitamin A & C, which are key to promoting healthy glowing skin, a healthy immune system and a much needed energy boost to combat tiredness and fatigue. This sweet and tasty cantaloupe juice is ideal for those that want to maintain a natural healthy looking glow, on the go. I absolutely loved them both and felt really healthy knowing I was consuming all this fruity goodness.

So I enjoyed nothing more this week than wrapping myself up in my Abbey Leopard Print Onesie from South Beach Official, working away on my laptop, and making sure I drank enough of these Mello drinks to feel I had gave my body some much needed Vitamin A & C. Nice huh? I mean, look how happy I am. Make me an ambassador for this amazing brand!

what emma did
And lets not forget getting into the Christmas spirit… yep that’s right, I put up my mini fibre optic tree, lit the Christmassy candles and wrote out my cards! Too snug in this super cute onesie – I can’t get enough of the cosyness. South Beach have got some amazing onesies and loungewear sets, I’ve even just purchased a set of pink pj’s for my sister from the site too. All the better for having a cosy whatemmadid.com Christmas!

what emma did

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did