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Lifestyle: Loving My Fiat 500 Wheels

fiat500 black sport

A whole year has passed since I arrived back in the UK after a year venturing Australia, and boy has that gone quick.

I had spent the best part of twelve months exploring a new country and using Sydney’s fantastic underground and overground systems, which really show up the UK in comparison. But one thing was for sure – I genuinely missed driving. I sold my unique Fiat 500 Sport, with a checked roof and Italian stripe (and I never saw an exact replica anywhere!) before my trip, which broke my heart slightly.

So when I arrived home, the first thing I went to do was car shop – Manchester’s public transport system simply can’t rival that of Sydney, so owning my own wheels became an essential once again!

fiat500 cream and black

I bet it comes as no surprise which types of cars I was looking at. I’m a late twenties girl, a fashion and beauty blogger, a freelancer and also have a media profession. I socialise a lot, I’m girly, and extremely independent. What else screams ‘me’ than the uber cool Mini (not saying I’m cool, but a cool set of wheels would be appropriate) or the super fashionable Fiat500 once again?

After weighing up the pros and cons of each car, I finally settled on a striking black Fiat 500 Sport, which is the car in the above photos, and I love her! If you’re a lady too, and in the scenario of trying to work out what car you should be driving and the general things you need to consider, take a look at my round-up thoughts below for the ultimate girl driver…

1. Research
Cars aren’t always a girls ‘hot topic’ of knowledge – they certainly aren’t for me. But don’t just opt for the big well known names such as Auto Trader to look for cars, search all sorts of other avenues where you can scope out better deals. I found eBay, Gumtree and even local Facebook groups had some great second hand deals. In the end, a local North West search worked best for me, and even though I had to travel to Burnley for it in the end, I saved a lot more money.

fiat 500 cream

2. Maintenance
This is something we like to ‘forget’, but maintaining your car to its best potential and making sure you remember your service and MOT dates are vital. I once forgot to MOT my car, and then when the tax was due, I found myself in a mad panic. For cars such as Fiat 500’s and Mini’s, you can also keep them ticking over smoothly by purchasing spare parts in between servicing periods, if anything urgently needs replacing. You don’t always have to go to a Fiat or Mini dealer, websites such as  www.sparepartstore24.co.uk work just as well.

3. Representation
It’s shallow to judge someone on what car they drive, but, it’s always nice to have a little car which expresses your personality! I personally think that Mini’s and Fiat 500’s in particular are super stylish for the young trend girl, and now come in some stunning colours. The mint green and café latte shades for the Fiat500 are lovely, and I’m in love with the bright orange Mini my friend currently drives. Your car can really express your own personality, and these little nippy cars provide just that!

If there are any other Fiat500 or Mini lovers out there, drop me a comment!

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